Ruffled Butterfly Cookies

I saw a swimsuit at camp this year that made me giddy! A super cute camper had it on and it had the cutest ruffled butterfly on the front. My head started spinning with ideas on how to make it into a cookie. This is how I find inspiration. I constantly look at things around me and find cute things that are begging to be created into a cookies. These ruffled butterfly cookies are easy to make and would be great for birthday, baby shower, or Mother’s Day cookies.

Simple-Decorated-Sugar-Cookies-Ruffled-Butterfly-Cookies-www.thebearfootbaker.comI think the person who designed the swimsuit should start making cookies. I think they would make some awesome cookies!

Supplies for Ruffled Butterfly Cookies:

Orange Thick Icing (AmeriColor Orange Gel)
Pink Thick Icing (AmeriColor Gels-One tiny part Burgundy and equal pats of Deep Pink and Red)
2 – 102 Tips

Let’s talk about icing first. You want your icing to be thick enough to hold the ruffle. I use this Royal Icing Recipe and added a about a tablespoon less water than the recipe called for. When I took it out of the mixing bowl to make my colors, I didn’t water it down much at all. It is stiff enough to hold it’s shape and that is what you need to make a good ruffle.

Now, begin by making the center of the butterfly cookies with the color you want. I did some with the orange and some with the pink. Hold the bag so the skinny end of the 102 tip is up and the fat side is close to your cookie.

As you squeeze, the pressure you apply and the speed you move your piping bag will determine how the ruffles look. You might want to practice on parchment paper until you get the look you want. Pipe the butterfly body and let it dry for about 20  minutes.

Next, outline one wing with the opposite color icing.

Then, fill the wing with more ruffles.

Repeat the ruffles on the other wing.

How simple is that? I made a platter full of these in 15 minutes. I will make these again as soon as I possibly can. They were fun and I didn’t stress over perfect lines and smooth icing. Also, I have a new place for inspiration, the kids clothing department is full of cookie ideas!

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Happy Creating,