Mustache Cookies-Santa’s Secret ‘Stache

I was thrilled when I got invited to participate in this wonderful cookie collaboration hosted by Hani. She has always been a cookie hero of mine. She can do things with a Zip Lock bag that I can  only dream of! The rules were simple, make a cookie based on your favorite Christmas card. I picked the card that made me laugh out loud! Santa mustache cookies.

Mustache Cookies thebearfootbaker.comThis card not only made me laugh but, it made me think! I like things that make me think! Do you see the adorable mustache on the front? It has tape on it so you can take it off the card and put it on your face! How cute is that!

It also inspired my next post but, I want to keep it a surprise. I think you will like it!

Supplies for Mustache Cookies:

Cookie Sticks
Paper Straws
White Icing

These mustache cookies are so simple that I am not going to go into great details because there aren’t great details to go into.

Mustache Cookies thebearfootbaker.comI don’t own a mustache cookie cutter so I used what I had. I recently purchased the Ateco Tear Drop Cutter Set from Karen’s Cookies. There are 6 cutters in the set so pick the size you like. The Cookie Cutter Company has a lot of cute mustache cookie cutters to chose from and they are very affordable. Mustache Cookies thebearfootbaker.comSince I didn’t have a mustache cutter I had to make my mustache even, I didn’t want a lop sided mustache so I had to trim one cookie and used it for a template for the other side. Once you have them trimmed, place them side by side and bake them. You can add a stick or you can make a platter or a jar full of mini’s. I mean seriously, who doesn’t like white mustache cookies? If you want your ‘staches on a stick, click here to see how.

Mustache Cookies thebearfootbaker.comOnce your cookies are baked, outline and flood them and let them dry. Easy as pie! I can’t wait to share the other cookies this card has inspired.

I will be back soon but until then, check out all the beautiful cards from the amazing decorators Hani invited to participate in this collaboration. I hope you have a lot of time to spend looking at eye candy! These cookies and decorators are incredible! You won’t believe what they can do with icing! This is a perfect way to start off the Christmas Season!

3. Georganne, LilaLoa
4. Lorraine, Lorraine’s Cookies
6. Pam, Cookie Crazie
7.Cathy, Cathy’s Cookies
8. Mariëlle, De Koekenbakkers
9.  Nadia, My Little Bakery
10. Liz, Arty Mc Goo
11. Callye, Sweet Sugarbelle
14. Meaghan, The Decorated Cookie
15. Paula, Vanilla Bean Baker
16. Miriam & Estíbaliz, Message in a Cookie
18. Myriam, Chapix Cookies
20. Jill, Funky Cookie Studio
21. Maryann, Cookie Artisan
22. Hani, Haniela’s

Happy Creating,