Simple Cactus Cookies

Remember when I told you I made Cinco de Mayo cookies and didn’t get to share them in time for Cinco de Mayo? Well, these simple cactus cookies were part of that set. Today isn’t Cinco de Mayo but, I could make cactus cookies every summer because it is hot and sticky and very humid outside. The way I see it is if you are going to be hot and sticky, you might as well eat cactus cookies because a cactus is sticky. Right?

Simple Cactus Cookies Tutorial with a Video via www.thebearfootbaker.comSince I had a lot of royal icing eyes I thought it would be fun to add some personality to these little guys. I think the Sixlet nose gave them the fun face I was going for. What do you think? Are they fun? Do you think they need spikey hair to make them really sticky? I wish I would have thought of that sooner.

Supplies for Simple Cactus Cookies:

Green icing
Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe
Airbrush system with green airbrush color
Royal Icing Eyes
Sixlets for nose
Paint brush or food safe marker
Icing to use as glue for the eyes and nose

I didn’t take a lot of picture but, I did make a video for you.

I let the cookies dry completely before I added the royal icing eyes so the airbrush color didn’t land on them and make them green. I also dropped an eye on the cookie and it was easy to fix. I love royal icing transfers. You can do almost anything with them. Even use them on simple cactus cookies.

Cactus Cookies Tutorial with a Video via www.thebearfootbaker.comI hope your summer isn’t sticky like these simple cactus cookies. I hope it is full of cool fun things like swimming and popsicles and ice cream. Leave the sticky stuff in the desert with the cacti. If you are looking for cactus cookies that look more sticky than these, click here.

I thought you might enjoy more cookies with cute faces so I made a list with links below. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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