Simple Duck Cookies

This post may be really boring to some of you but, I had to do something simple! It was a request from my daughter-in-law’s best friend Lisa. She sent me a Facebook message asking me to make some simple duck cookies for Anne’s baby shower. I love Anne and want to do anything to make her happy! If she wants simple duck cookies, then simple duck cookies she will get!

Yellow 15 Second Icing
Orange 15 Second Icing
Black Outline Icing

First things first, I used 15 Second Icing because I decided to keep it simple. I mean, why mix twice as much icing if the idea is to be “Simple.” Simple Duck Cookies need simple icing, right?

With your orange icing, outline the ducks bill.

Immediately flood the bill with the same icing. I used a 1.5 PME tip but you can use whatever makes you feel comfortable. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Then, outline the duck with the yellow icing. I used a 2.5 PME tip. I like the 2.5 and use them whenever I can but, you can use what ever you want.

 Immediately flood Mr. Duck with the yellow icing.

With the black outline icing, make an eye while the yellow is still wet.. If you really want to, you can use a black sugar pearls like Sweet Sugar Belle used for these Pretty Little Bluebird Cookies. If I would have had then in my cookie supplies, I would have used them and saved a step making black icing.

There you have it! Simple Duck Cookies that only took a few minutes and I didn’t stress at all. It was acutally fun.

After I made these, I realized sometimes I make things really hard on myself by trying to create original cookies every time I decorate. Lets face it, there are so many amazing decorators out there and we all want to stand out in the crowd. I realized it is OK to do simple cookies and in fact, simple is sometimes the best choice. I could have added cute little wings, polka-dots, or a blue bow but, I didn’t need to. These are just what Lisa asked for.

I hope you have a nice shower Anne! Thanks Lisa for asking me to make these! You girls are so sweet and I love ya both!!

Happy Creating,