Simple Frankenstein Cookies

Have you been shopping lately? If so, when you are standing in the check out line, do you notice all the wonderful colors on the cover of the magazines? Well, I am a sucker for them. I want to purchase them all. I have a battle with myself as I stand there debating why I need it and why I don’t. I bet I have almost as many Fall issues of magazines as I do cookie cutters. I guess my battle to save money and stop the bookshelves from overflowing loses to the autumn colors. It is like an addiction. Once the book is in my hand, that’s all she wrote.

I am not complaining though. I am just grateful that they don’t place cookie cutters by the check out. That would be even harder to resist. Take this cute little Frankenstein cookie cutter. I had to have it. I think I had to have it because it was cute and becuase they made the cutter orange! I saw the orange shape snatched it up and said, “Yes! Frankentein Cookies!” Everyone looked at me and I smiled awkwardly at them. If they only knew how fall colors and cookie cutters make my heart beat faster they would not have looked at me the way they did.

Simple Frankenstein Cookies - Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing via thebearfootbaker.comI didn’t care though. I came home and made my Frankenstein cookies and ready my new Fall magazine. Yep! It was a good day. I bought the cutter and the book. It was a good day.

Supplies for Simple Frankenstein Cookies:

Frankenstein Cookie Cutter
Black Icing
Green Icing
Brown Icing
White Icing
4mm black edible pearls
Edible Food Safe Marker

Now I must stop here and explain something. I am not sure what happened when I was taking picturs of this tutorial. I mean, I got most of the steps on how to make these Frankenstein cookies but, they are a little out of order. I think I was so excited I was decorating cookies from my new cutter and wanting to hurry so I could look at my new magazine that, I kinda didn’t do all the pictures right. Will you forgive me? Oh thanks! I knew you would!

Easy Frankenstein Cookies thebearfootbaker.comAs you look at these, do as I say and not by what you see.

First, draw the pattern on the cookie with a food safe marker.
Then, outline and flood the hair with the black icing.
Next, outline and flood the shirt with white.
Then, make some fingers and toes with the green icing.
Let everything dry completely.

Simple Frankenstein Cookies

Next, outline and flood the pants brown.
Then, outline and flood the arms and hands with the green icing. The picture doesn’t show it but, you can outline and flood the face also. Add the edible pearls for the eyes while the icing is wet.
Let everything dry for a few hours.
Now, outline and flood the jacket with the black icing.
Next, outline and flood the feet with the green icing.
Let it dry completely.

Frankenstein Cookies - Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing make Great Halloween Treats

Now that I have told you my shopping weaknesses, I want to know what yours are. Is it magazines? Is it cookie cutters? Is it clothes? Is it shoes?
What is it that makes your heart skip a beat?

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Bear hugs,