Simple Snowflake Cookies with Cake Lace

Have you ever used Cake Lace? It is an edible lace that has taken the cake world by storm. We all know that if something can be used on cakes we can probably use it when decorating our cookies. These simple snowflake cookies are a perfect example of how to use them on a cookie. They are a lot like royal icing transfers in the sense you can make them ahead of time and store them for months in an airtight container. The big difference is the cake lace is bendable and not as fragile as royal icing transfers.

Snowflake-Cookies-made-with-Cake-Lace-Snowflakes-| The Bearfoot Baker

I was interested in trying cake lace after the first time I saw it but wasn’t sure how it would look and work with royal icing. Then, I was contacted by the sweetest lady named Liz that has an Etsy shop called ‘NoOrdinaryCake’. She asked if I would try the product to see if I liked how it worked on cookies. I jumped at the chance and she sent me a few mats and Claire Bowman’s Cake Lace to try.  So thank you Liz for sponsoring this post and giving us something fun and simple to use on our cookies!

I was nervous at first because I didn’t know how to use it. Once I opened everything, my nervousness became excitement. I followed the directions and it worked like a charm! Here, let me show you how it works on these simple snowflake cookies.

Supplies for Simple Snowflake Cookies:

Round Cookies
Royal Icing – I will tell you about the icing consistency and how I mixed the colors for these cookies in a few minutes.
Cake Lace Snowflake Mat
Claire Bowman Cake Lace, White Cake Lace, Original Cake Lace
Disco Dust-optional
# 2.5 or #3 Decorating tip
#18 Decorating tip for the border

Lets Make Some Snowflakes:

Simple Snowflake Cookies with Cake Lace Snowflakes via thebearfootbaker.comThe first thing you need to do is mix up the Cake Lace. It was easy to mix but, the instructions were in milliliters and I had to convert them online. No big deal, just look it up and then mix the lace. There are only 2 ingredients and a little water. EASY! Follow the directions and it will work like a dream.

Get Ready for the Mats:

Simple Snowflake Cookies with Cake Lace Snowflakes via www.thebearfootbaker.comNext, chose the mat you would like to use and spread the Cake Lace into the patterns. See the holes in the lace in the third picture? You don’t want that. Keep working it with the Cake Lace knife or an offset spatula until each pattern is filled with no visible holes.

Run the spatula back and forth applying a little pressure until it looks like the pictures in the bottom row.

Once the Cake Lace is in all the patterns, use the side of the knife or spatula to remove the excess Cake Lace. Put it back in the bowl and use it to make more once these are baked.

Then, bake it for a few minutes and set it on the counter to come to room temperature.

Next, remove the snowflakes from the mat. I lifted the mat and pushed a little on the back to loosen an edge of the snowflake so I didn’t tear it when I was trying to pry it off the mat. Gently pull the Cake Lace away from the mat and you will have some beautiful snowflakes for your simple snowflake cookies and cupcakes.

Simple Snowflake Cookies with Simple Cake Lace Snowflakes

Aren’t they pretty? Just store them in layers separated by wax paper in an airtight container and they will keep fresh for months.

The thing I like most about these is they don’t bleed like royal icing. I don’t think I would have ever added a delicate white snowflake to a cookie with brown icing before using this. I think the icing color can bleed on the Cake Lace but, I didn’t have any problems. If someone wanted white lace on dark cookies for a wedding, this is what I would use. No stress! Just pretty cookies.

Simple Snowflake Cookies with Simple Cake Lace Snowflakes via

Now if you are still with me, let me tell you about the color of these cookies. I found the inspiration on Pinterest and fell in love. It was so beautiful I had to use it and knew it would these simple snowflake cookies would look great on gingerbread cookies.

15 Second Icing in the Following Colors:

  1. Light Blue- I used a toothpick to add a touch of Wilton Delphinium Blue and Wilton Teal. It made the perfect baby blue.
  2. Darker Blue-Use the same colors as the light blue but, add a little more of the colors.
  3. Light Gray- Use the unwashed icing bowl that you used to mixed the blue and add a tiny touch of black. It will have the same hue as the blues.
  4. Darker Gray- Use the unwashed bowl and colors you used for the light gray and use a toothpick to add a small amount of black and AmeriColor Chocolate Brown.
  5. Brown- Use the same bowl, add, AmeriColor Chocolate Brown, ivory, and black. Add a small amount of the Wilton Delphinium Blue and Teal.

When you use the same colors and mix them in the same bowl, your colors will have the same hue and look beautiful together.

Add the Snowflakes to the Cookies:

Simple Snowflake Cookies with Cake Lace Snowflakes by

Next, outline the simple snowflake cookies.

Simple Snowflake Cookies with Cake Lace Snowflakes by

Then, flood them.

Simple Snowflake Cookies with Cake Lace Snowflakes with

While the icing is wet, add the Cake Lace snowflakes and let them dry for about an hour.

While the icing is drying, I remixed the icing by adding a little confectioners’ sugar to make the icing thick enough to add the border. I could have mixed 2 consistencies when I made the icing but, I knew I would have time to thicken it while the cookies dry.

I don’t know the proper name for the border I added,  but I did make a video for you.

How to Pipe a Border on a Cookie Video:

To make the border, use tip #18 and rotate your hand in a circular motion as you pipe and rotate the cookies. Try to keep the space between each swirl the same.
While the border icing is wet, add a little Disco Dust. I sprinkled it on the center of the cookies also and it stuck even though the icing was pretty dry. Disco Dust sticks to everything!

Simple Snowflake Cookies with Cake Lace Snowflakes
I know the Cake Lace is more expensive than royal icing transfers. Because of that, I won’t use them as much as I use my free transfers, but for cookies that have to be perfect for a wedding or special occasion, I will definitely use the Cake Lace. Like I said before, you can make the design months in advance without worrying about the pattern absorbing the color of the icing. Knowing that my friends are worth their weight in gold! I love stress-free decorating!

Have you tried Cake Lace before? If so, I would love you to leave a comment and know how you liked it.

Bear hugs,