Skull Royal Icing Transfers -FREE Template

Have you seen those funny little skull cupcake papers by Wilton? They make me laugh! I wanted to make some skull cupcakes this Halloween and those cute weird faces would make perfect skull royal icing transfers. The package Wilton sells has bone royal icing transfers. No skulls. So what did I do? I made a template for us that looks kind of like the cupcake papers. I even make a few bone templates for you.

Easy Skull Royal Icing Transfers to decorate your sugar cookies and cupcakes via thebearfoootbaker.comLet the Halloween fun begin! I am so ready to make some creepy, scary and cute things this year. Get ready. It is going to be FUN!

 Supplies for Skull Royal Icing Transfers:

Royal Icing-I used this half a batch recipe to make these.
White Icing
Black Icing
Royal Icing Eyes
Skull Royal Icing Transfers Template
Small Bone Royal Icing Transfer Template
Bone Royal Icing Transfers Template
ax paper
Masking tape

I am going to be honest with you. I wanted to make the bones and some cupcakes and really make a spooky presentation for you but, I didn’t. You see, life has been a bit busy this past week. Not crazy busy. Just busy like you know, busy on vacation. Yep. I am at the beach. I am writing this as I sit on the balcony watching dolphins swim by. I will try to get some pictures for you but for now, lets make some skulls.

Begin by printing out the templates and taping them to a flat surface such as the back of a baking sheet.
Then, cover the template with wax paper and tape it into place.

Skull Royal Icing Transfers via thebearfootbaker.comNext, outline and flood the skull head with the white icing Add two royal icing eyes while the icing is wet and then let them dry for about 20 minutes.
Then, flood every other tooth and let it dry for about 20 minutes.
Next, go back and fill in the remaining teeth and let the skulls dry overnight. They need to be 100% dry before you add the nose to prevent the color from bleeding together.
Skull Royal Icing Transfers www.thebearfootbaker.comOnce the skulls are completely dry, pipe a black triangle for the noses. That is all there is to making these bad boys. So simple and it only costs a few pennies.

Well, I would love to hang around and chat some more but, I need to go to the beach. I see manta rays and I want to get a closer look.

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Bear hugs,