Snowmen Cookies and a Snow DAY!

Have you ever made a bunch of snowmen cookies on a snow day? Let me tell you about my experience!

Snowmen Cookies and a Snow Day| The Bearfoot Baker

I don’t think there is anything better to do on a snow day than to make snowmen cookies. I’ve been waiting for a good snow day for a couple of years now. Sometimes it snows here and sometimes it doesn’t. Well, we finally got snow Thursday, but it was not what I expected and I got a little more than I wished for! More on that later but first, I want to show you some snowman cookies.

Snowmen Cookies and a Snow Day| The Bearfoot Baker
This is what I feel like every time I see a snowflake! I feel nothing but PURE JOY!!! I run around like a kid who has just been told that school was canceled! Want to take a snow day with me and make some snowmen cookies? Please say yes!

Supplies for Snowmen Cookies:
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Cookie Cutter:
  • Indian Cookie Cutter– I trimmed the sides of his pants off so they would be even and look like a snowman.
Royal Icing Colors:

Let’s turn an Indian Cookie Cutter into a Snowman Cookie:

Snow Day Snowmen Cookies via

  • When you look at the cookie above do you a snowman? It is actually an Indian cutter. I trimmed the sides of the pants and now it is perfect for snowmen cookies. Don’t you love turning cookie cutters into different things? Thanks, Sweet Sugarbelle for helping us learn how to do that!

Back to decorating:

  • Outline the snowman’s body with the white icing.

Snow Day Snowmen Cookies via

  • Next, flood the body and let it dry.

Snow Day Snowmen Cookies via

  • Once the white royal icing is dry, paint the mouth as I did the Swimming Swans in this post. You could use black icing for the mouth, but I decided to paint with black food mixed with a little vodka because I like the look better and because it is less likely to bleed. If you want you can even use a black food-safe marker. It’s quick and simple!

Time to add a Carrot Nose:

Snow Day Snowmen Cookies via

  • Next, you can airbrush a little blue around the edges or you can leave it white.
  • Outline and flood the nose with the orange icing, flood his cute little carrot nose.

Let’s Make the Scarf:

Snow Day Snowmen Cookies via

  • Outline a scarf with the red royal icing and flood it.
  • While the red icing is wet, add some white dots.
Are You Ready to Hear About My Snow Day and Why I Made All These Snowmen Cookies?

Now for the story about my “Snow DAY!”  Did you watch Gilmore Girls when it was on TV back in the day? Well, I am kinda like Lorelai when it comes to snow. I can smell it and I know it is coming so I’ll get up at 2 am and stand outside looking for the first flake. It sounds crazy, but it has always been this magical thing for me. Watch this video of Lorelai being mad at “Snow!” They had a great relationship until this day…

It’s what I was doing Thursday when I got mad at snow just like Lorelai. I totally yelled and fussed at snow just like she did in this scene! Well, I guess I should give you the entire story so you will understand why I was acting like a crazy woman.

A tree didn’t fall on my Jeep as it did hers, but it started snowing while my oldest son was on his way home from work (he lives close) and his truck was sliding so he had to stop about five miles away from home. It was cold and snowy and I didn’t want him to walk five miles while I was warm and cozy by the fire. So Alan and I did what any parents would do, we went into “SNOW MODE” and decided to go get him. I love “SNOW MODE!”

Getting out in the snow is one of the greatest things about winter. I look for red birds in the white canvas because the red and white look so great together and I can build a snowman and give him a round nose (focus Lisa, focus…) Remember when I told you the roads in Tennessee were very curvy and hilly and you could go off the road and down a mountain or in a creek? Do you see where I am going with this???

Jeep in Creek- Snow Day Snowmen Cookies via

YES, I AM GOING INTO THE CREEK!!! The snow tricked us! It totally hid the sheet of ice on the road! We slid into the creek like we were on some kind of amusement park ride. The sweet little creek is usually ankle-deep, but we have had so much rain that it grew and grew and grew like the Grinch’s heart.

Jeep in a Creek- Snow Day Snowmen Cookies via

I took a giant step out of the car onto the bank and walked back home. Alan called for a little help from a neighbor and the three brave men got the car out of the creek. Everyone was safe.

In spite of our creek detour, my son made it home safe. Someone gave him a ride after he walked about 2 miles so we are all okay. I think the car will live after it dries out a little.

Snowmen Cookies and a Snow Day| The Bearfoot Baker

I’ll be 100% honest with you because I was really mad at snow!!! It felt just like I was in Stars Hollow with Lorelai on her “I hate snow day.” Don’t worry because we’ve made up now and I love it as much as I ever did! Snow is amazing and I love it and hope it will visit us again soon!

At least I can look at these snow day snowmen cookies and remember the good times in the snow.

Bear hugs,