Snowball Fight Angry Bird Style

I keep looking outside wondering where the snow is. I LOVE winter!  Where are you winter????  Well, it was 59° here Saturday! Today it is 52°  and raining and I keep wishing it was snow. I want to make snow angels, build snowmen, and make some snow cream but most of all I want to have a snowball fight! That is difficult to do when it is SPRING in January! Sigh! I guess we will have to have a snowball fight cookie style. Meet the Angry Snowmen!

When I started designing snowmen for this project I decided they needed to look angry. Then I thought of things that were angry!  Angry Birds are angry. Right? So if Angry Birds are angry, what would be better than an Angry Bird Snowman Snowball Fight? After I came up with the idea I remembered Sweet Sugar Belle did a 3 part tutorial on the original Angry Birds and Glorious Treats did a tutorial on snowballs. They both are amazing decorators and I stalk them everyday!

Want to have a snowball fight with me?

Icing Recipe
White outline
White flood
Black outline
Black flood
Orange outline
Orange flood
Brown outline
Brown flood
Circle cutter
Candy Corn Cutter bent out of shape a little
White Pearlized Sugar Crystals
Food Safe Marker

First, with the white outline icing, outline the snowball and the snowflake.

Then, with the white flood icing, flood them.

While they are wet, lay them on a plate, or in a coffee filter and sprinkle with White Pearlized Sugar Crystals.

You can use any sanding sugar you want but to get the look I wanted I went with the crystals because the crystals are bigger than sanding sugar.

Sprinkle time. Cover your cookies completely with the crystals. Pick up and gently shake to remove the sprinkles that didn’t stick.

Your snowballs and snowflakes are done.

Now we are ready for the Angry Snowmen Snowballs! You can free had this part or print off a template. I printed some pages I found on the internet. Once you find the pictures you like, make them the size you need to fit on your cookies. Then, cut out the faces for a template. I cut mine out of card stock.

For the angry snowmen you will need 3 cutters. A circle, an altered candy corn and an altered football.

After you make your cookies, grab a food safe marker and trace the faces on the cookies.

Now, with the black outline icing, outline the eyes and eyebrows. With the black flood icing, flood the eyebrows.

With the orange outline icing, outline the carrot beaks.

Now you are ready to work on the faces. With the orange flood icing, flood every other section of the carrot noses.

Then, with the white flood icing, flood the eyes. While the eyes are wet, dot with black or drop on a black royal icing transfer eye.

Let this dry for about 30 minutes.

Now you are ready to flood the rest of the carrot noses with the orange flood icing.

Does someone need a mustache? Well then, with the brown outline icing, outline the mustache. You don’t have to wait for this part to dry. Go ahead with the brown flood icing, flood the mustache.

With the white outline icing, outline all the birds.

Here is the part I know you hate….wait! Wait for this to dry for a few hours or overnight.

After your faces have dried you can flood the snowmen with the white flood icing. Don’t be afraid to get close to the eyes and nose but be gentle. You don’t want to cover up the big beautiful eyes!

While the white icing is wet, sprinkle with sugar.

Use a toothpick or a Boo Boo Stick to remove the sugar from the eyes and noses. I also used it to move the sugar away from the eyes so you can see the black outline and to make the eyebrows look like rectangles again instead of black blobs. Just be careful not to poke a hole in icing. Repeat these steps with all the angry snowmen.

NOW GO THROW SOME SNOWBALLS!!!! (That’s the angry snowmen talking! NOT ME!)

Happy Creating!