How To Make Fun Solar Eclipse Cookies with Video

How To Make Fun Solar Eclipse Cookies with Video

What are you doing on August 21, 2017? Are you going to watch the solar eclipse live or on TV? I’m hoping I can see it live, but it won’t be a total eclipse for us. We are in the “line,” but off to the side a little. I don’t know about you, but I think this is very exciting. If you don’t live in a place where you can see it, you can still enjoy it with a set of Solar Eclipse Cookies. And you don’t have to wait years to see or eat them!

How To Make Solar Eclipse Cookies with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

In a little town close to me they are going to have a Hot Air Balloon Festival. How cool would that be to watch a solar eclipse from a hot air balloon? I don’t know if they will be in the balloon when it happens, but that would be cool..and terrifying. lol

Anyway, on to the solar eclipse cookies!

Supplies for Fun Solar Eclipse Cookies:
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Royal Icing Colors:
  • Sun-Yellow and Black for Eyes and Smile
  • Moon: Medium Gray and Light Gray
  • Earth: Blue and Lime Green
Airbrush System:
Airbrush Colors:
Yellow and Black:
Optional Tools:
Let’s do this!

How To Make Fun Solar Eclipse Cookies with a How to Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • If you’re looking for a tutorial on the moon cookies, you can watch the video below and check out a tutorial I made a while back. You can find the moon in this Outer Space Cookies post.

How To Make Fun Solar Eclipse Cookies with a Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • For the earth cookies, you need a few circle cookies baked and cooled before you begin decorating.
  • Outline and flood them with the blue royal icing. I used AmeriColor Sky Blue, but feel free to use the blue that makes you happy.
  • Let the cookie dry completely before you stencil it.
  • Place the bottom half of the Stencil Genie over the circle cookie. Lay the world stencil on the Stencil Genie and add the top.
  • Move the Stencil around until you get the stencil in place.
  • Hold the stencil still and add some thick green royal icing (I used AmeriColor Electric Green) to the top. I used a piping bag to add it, but you can use a stencil scraper or whatever makes you happy.
  • Use a stencil scraper to spread the icing and remove the excess.
  • Carefully lift the Stencil Genie with the stencil straight off the top of the cookie.
  • Remove any excess royal icing on the side of the world cookie.
  • Let it dry completely.
Time for the sun to shine!

How To Make Simple Solar Eclipse Cookies with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • The sun cookie is made with a large flower cookie cutter.
  • Outline and flood it with yellow royal icing.
  • Let the royal icing dry completely.

How To Make Cute Solar Eclipse Cookies with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Once the royal icing has dried place the Stencil Genie over the sun cookie.
  • Lay the stripe stencil on top and add the top of the Genie.
  • Next, add the Stenci Blockers to cover all of the stripes but one. You want to airbrush the stripe across the cookie.
  • Lift the Stencil Genie and place it on another sun ray. Repeat the airbrushing all around the sun. Don’t worry about the middle part because you’ll add the center of the sun in a minute.


  • Find a cookie cutter the size you want in the center of the sun and place it there.
  • Use the airbrush to spray around the inside edge of the cutter to make a pattern for the sun’s face.
  • Outline and flood the face with the yellow royal icing and let it dry for at least an hour.
Time for the face:
  • Add two eyes and a mouth with black royal icing. To keep the lines thin, I used a parchment cone to pipe the face.
  • Add a yellow royal icing dot for the nose.
  • Add a little touch of white royal icing to highlight the eyes and nose.
  • Let the royal icing dry completely.

I know the directions sound like a lot, but if you watch the video below, you’ll see it isn’t that bad. It just takes a lot of explaining to a solar eclipse with cookies. lol

Solar Eclipse Cookies Video:

See. That wasn’t hard.

How To Make Solar Eclipse Cookies with Video | The Bearfoot Baker


Now that we’ve talked about the solar eclipse cookies, let’s talk about something a little more serious. If you want to see the solar eclipse be sure to get some approved sunglasses. The moon will take center stage for a few minutes and cast its shadow on some of us, but please use protective sunglasses to block those dangerous sun rays that will hurt your eyes. Have fun!

Bear hugs,