Stained Glass Cookie Platter by The Partiologist


Stained Glass Cookie Platter

Good Morning! It’s Kim here, The Partiologist, bringing something sweet to Lisa’s blog.  When I heard Lisa would be having surgery, I thought to myself, what could I do to help?  And immediately, I decided to offer to do a guest post on her blog while she is recovering.  So here I am!

While making the PYO (Paint Your Own) Stained Glass Cross Cookies, I started thinking, how pretty a Stained-Glass Cookie Platter would be.  So immediately I got busy.  Well, maybe not immediately because the thought came to mind at 3:00 in the morning.  I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind wouldn’t let me go back to sleep mode.  Soon the cookie platter was created.

Stained Glass Window Cookie Platter!

Stained Glass Cookie Platter | The Bearfoot Baker

The platter is hand cut and no special cutters are needed.  And it’s big enough to feed your hungry Easter guests.

Stained Glass Cookie Window | The Bearfoot Baker

Although it may have many steps, it’s up to you how complicated you make it.  How about we get started?

Stained Glass Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Remember when I said you don’t need any cutters?  Well, you don’t need cutters, but you do need a template.  Or you could wing it and just cut random shapes.

I started with a letter size white sheet of paper, folded it in half and used a LARGE round bowl to make the top of the window shape.

Then I cut the sides off the paper.

How to Make A Stained Glass Cookie Platter | The Bearfoot Baker

My window needed to be a bit longer, so I added another piece of paper to the bottom and taped it together.

Stained Glass Cookie Platter Tutorial | The Bearfoot Baker

Then I decided to use a cutter, but you could also hand cut.  I placed the cutter I would use for the centerpiece on the paper and made a pencil mark in the center of the cutter.

That would be the point my lines would intersect.

Next, take a yardstick and make lines through the window making each piece of “glass”.

How to Make and Decorate A Stained Glass Cookie Platter | The Bearfoot Baker

Now it’s time to roll the dough.

Roll the dough long enough for the template to fit.  Or adjust it any way necessary.  I decided to make my window a little smaller.

Lay the paper template on the top and cut off the sides of the dough for the window peak.

Then poke a hole through the paper and into the dough.

Now you’re ready to mark and cut the dough.

Stained Glass Cookie Platter and Tutorial | The Bearfoot Baker

Using a food-safe plastic cutter, I placed it on top of the dough.  Right through the center mark.

Continue until all your cookies are cut.

Then cut the center cookie.  Remove the pieces, roll out another piece of dough and recut.  (Photo below).

If you want to make it even easier…just wing it.  Something I just can’t do.  My name and wing it in the same sentence is not ever going to happen.

How to Make A Beautiful Stained Glass Cookie Platter and Tutorial | The Bearfoot Baker

Carefully remove each cookie from the platter.  Place on cookie sheets and bake.  (You will need two cookie sheets to hold all the cookies.

Once the cookies come out of the oven, rebuild the cookie platter.

You may notice the cookies may have spread and need a little leveling.

Grab a microplane grater and file down the edges.

How to Make A Beautiful Stained Glass Cookie Platter By The Partilolgist | The Bearfoot Baker

Begin flooding each cookie with any color you desire.

Once the cookies are dry, it’s time to add the glaze finish.

By mixing 1-part vodka to 1-part Karo syrup, I made a glaze.

Dip the brush in the glaze and paint it across the cookies to make them shine.

If you look closely, you’ll see the difference in the blue cookie, the top half is painted with glaze and the bottom is plain.  Same with the red, the top cookie is painted with glaze and the bottom is not.

Once the glaze dries (it stays shiny) pipe a black border.

Stained Glass Cookie Platter By The Partilolgist | The Bearfoot Baker

The center cookie is optional with the starburst design and airbrush.  I first filled with yellow icing and let dry overnight.  Then I used Americolor pearl airbrush for the spray.

Add the words and cross.  I made a stencil, but you could hand pipe.

Now your platter is finished and ready to serve on Easter!

FYI * Do not individually package each cookie!  I tried and because of the glaze, even though dry to the touch, it stuck to the bag. 

Stained Glass Cookie Platter Tutorial By The Partilolgist | The Bearfoot Baker

Look at the shine!

A Beautiful Stained Glass Cookie Platter By The Partilolgist | The Bearfoot Baker

He is RISEN…Happy Easter!

The Partiologist

Thank you so much, Kim! You’re an amazing person for doing this guest post. As a matter of fact, all of the cookie decorators all over the world are amazing and have truly helped me recover from having “Bouncer” the Big Brain Tumor removed. Thank you all!

Thank you, Kim, for being so kind and sweet for making this beautiful Stained Glass Cookie Platter! It fills my heart with joy and I love it! And I love you my sweet, sweet friend!

Bear hugs,