Starfish Royal Icing Transfer with Template

It’s  “Template Tuesday!”  For today’s pattern, I wanted to do something fun so I made these Starfish Royal Icing Transfers. I am providing the pattern so all you have to do is “Print and Pipe.”

Starfish by

I am so happy with the emails and comments you all are sending me telling me how much you like the idea of free royal icing templates and for sharing your ideas. I’m working on them now and several more of my own, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these starfish royal icing transfers.

Starfish Royal Icing Transfer Supplies:
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Royal Icing Colors:
Let’s do this!

I like these starfish royal icing transfers because they also make cute star transfers. If you are having a beach theme you can simply add them and some brown sanding sugar to cupcakes. If you want to use them as stars, you could pair them with a moon and it is an entirely new theme. I plan to use them on cupcakes for my beach theme. And I want to make “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon” cake so they will work perfectly with moons in the cupcakes.


Print the template by clicking here and here. For instructions on how to make royal icing transfers, click here.
Once you have your template set up, begin by outlining each starfish with the lemon yellow icing and the #2 tip.
Then, flood them. While they are still wet, add the sugar pearl eyes and let them dry completely.
If you want to airbrush them, use the Lemon Yellow airbrush gel, and lightly spray the edges. For more information on airbrush, click here.

Starfish Royal Icing Transfers by The Bearfoot Baker

Next, with the end of the paintbrush and the black color gel, add a dot to each eye.

Starfish Royal Icing Transfer and Template

Then, with the 10/0 paintbrush and the black color gel, paint on a happy little smile. You may want to dip your brush into some water and practice on a piece of parchment paper, a plate, or an old cookie before you paint the mouth. It is easy! Don’t be afraid because you can do it.

Starfish Royal Icing Transfers

Once your starfish royal icing transfers are dry, you can store them in an airtight container in a cool dry place. I like these little guys. Their cute faces make me happy! I hope they make you happy too!

Let me know if you have any other transfer ideas. I will get to work on them for you. If you would like information on how to store royal icing transfers, click here.

Bear hugs,