Strawberry Royal Icing Transfers

Summer time is a perfect time for strawberry treats like cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Make them a little cuter by adding a strawberry royal icing transfer. They are easy to make and will add a cute touch to all your summer treats.

DIY-Strawberry-Sprinkles - Strawberry Royal Icing Transfers made these strawberry cookies yesterday and I wanted to add a little something to make them look a little more like summer so I add a little cookie decoration. I think the strawberry royal icing transfers really did the trick. Don’t you?

Supplies for Strawberry Royal Icing Transfers:

Large Strawberry Template
Medium Template
Small Strawberry Template
Strawberry Sprinkles Template
Red Royal Icing
#2 Tip
Piping Bag or Bottles
Wax Paper
Clean Paintbrush
Yellow Icing
Green Icing with Leaf Tip (You won’t need these until you are ready to apply the strawberry royal icing transfers. More on that later.)

Strawberry-Royal-Icing-Transfers-by-www.thebearfootbaker.comBegin by prepare your templates like this.  With the red icing and a #2 tip, fill in the strawberry patterns. You don’t have to be perfect with these because all strawberries are not exactly the same. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see some of the patterns under the wax paper. It is OK to have a carefree attitude with these. It will actually make them cuter.

Once you have flooded your strawberry shapes, let them dry overnight.

Strawberry-Royal-Icing-Transfers-with-www.thebearfootbaker.comNext, mix a little yellow icing and apply little lines with a paintbrush randomly over the berries and let them dry completely.

Strawberry Royal Icing Transfer Great for cupcake, cookie and cake decorations www.thebearfootbaker.comI stop decorating there because I don’t like storing these after piping the caps because the tips will break off.  So store these cute little guys and when you are ready to use them on your cookies, cakes or cupcakes, place a strawberry where you want and then pipe the strawberry cap.

Strawberry-Royal-Icing-Transfers-Cupcake-Topper,-Cookie-Topper-and-Cake-Decorations-by-thebearfootbaker.com_See how cute the sprinkles are! Once I dropped them onto the ice cream, I added the green caps with a leaf tip and had myself a nice little treat. I just with the ice cream would have been strawberry. You can find the cute little cups over at Bakers Stock. They have all kinds of neat things there.

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For information on how to store royal icing transfers, click here.

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