Sugar Cookies 101-How to Make Amazing Cookies

Have I told you lately that I love you! Because of you, I’ve got an amazing job. It lets me travel to places like Salt Lake City, Utah to a magical place called Cookie Con! In case you didn’t know, I was an instructor this year where I taught a class about cookie fundamentals or as I call it “Bearfoot Basics”.  I know life happens and stops us from doing the things we want to do. I don’t think we should let it stop us from going over the Bearfoot Basics Sugar Cookies 101 together.

In case a “busy life” made you miss it, I’ve come up with a way to share the class with you. I’ve turned the slide presentation into a series of videos so you can be a part of it with us. Now, the class is long so we are going to break it down into a few different videos. The first is called “Sugar Cookies 101.” It’ll show you the video about things I’ve learned through the years.

Just like I promised those of you who took my class in Utah, here’s the class so you can keep it at your fingertips. I added a few things like a video clip on how to remove the cookie dough from the Flexible Cutting Mats and how to get a nice flat surface on your cookies. I’ll be adding a little more than I did in the Cookie Con class because we’ll have a little more time to cover more issues. If you have a question, email me and I’ll do my best to find the answer for you.

Sugar Cookies 101 How to Make Amazing Cookies Every Time | The Bearfoot Baker

As we all know, royal icing can be a little difficult to work with. Don’t you wish there was one magical tip that would fix all of our issues? We’re going to do our best to take the mystery out of some common problems and offer a few solutions so stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

Sugar Cookies 101-How to Make Amazing Cookies Every Time

You may want to grab some milk and cookies because this video is a little longer than the ones I normally make.
Sugar Cookies 101-How to Make Amazing Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

If you ever need access to the Bearfoot Basics, just look under the “Tips” tab on the menu bar. It’ll show you exactly what you need!

Don’t forget to check back soon and see the other videos in the series I’m sure you’ll find something helpful. If you think a friend will like this video or wants to bake, share it with them! 😉

Bearfoot Basics Sugar Cookies 101 Part 2
Bearfoot Basics Sugar Cookies 101 Part 3

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