Sugar Cookies 101- Part 3 Royal Icing Tips

Bearfoot Basics Sugar Cookies Part 3 is finally here! Are you ready for some royal icing tips? I sure hope so because I have a few that might help you out. There are also a few things that might help you understand why we do what we do when we work with royal icing. Should you add cream of tartar to your royal icing recipe because what does it actually do? Why do my icing colors bleed together hours after I decorate my cookies, or why does my icing have a million and one air bubbles.

Keep in mind all the information in this post isn’t going to work for everyone. Royal icing has a mind of its own and that is what makes it so hard to work with and unpredictable. But if I did my job right, you’ll be able to find a few things that will help you understand and adjust so your icing will behave!

Sugar Cookies 101- Part 3 Royal Icing Tips | The Bearfoot Basics

Get prepared to take a deep dive into royal icing because I’m working on breaking things down into smaller videos that will help answer the questions you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner when it comes to working with royal icing or if you’re more experienced, we are going to go over things that will answer your questions and maybe give you a few royal icing tips that will make decorating easier for you. Stay tuned!

Sugar Cookies 101- Part 3 Royal Icing Tips:
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Royal Icing Recipe
The Cookie Countess Stencils
Artfully Designed Creations Stencils

Sugar Cookies 101- Part 3 Royal Icing Tips- And How to Use Stencils for Royal Icing Transfers | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Do you buy cookie stencils? Did you know you can use them to make royal icing transfers? How’s that for a royal icing tip?!

Sugar Cookies 101- Part 3 Royal Icing Tips and Troubleshooting | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Take a look at these Curly Sleighs I made with a stencil from The Cookie Countess.
  • Just airbrush or trace the pattern onto a piece of paper.
  • Tape it to the back of a baking sheet.
  • Tape a piece of wax paper on top of the sleigh pattern you just made.
  • Pipe your sleighs and let them dry.
  • Once they are 100% dry, remove them and you’ll have yourself a bunch of royal icing curly sleigh transfers. It’s so simple and you don’t need an airbrush gun to make them.

Click here to see the full tutorial for the DIY Royal Icing Transfers with A Stencil. You’ll be making all kinds of royal icing transfers because it’s so easy!

Sugar Cookies 101- Part 3 Royal Icing Tips- How to Dry Your Cookies with a Shine | The Bearfoot Baker

One of my new favorite tools is this Mini Heat Gun. I bought it to close those FDA Approved Shrink Bags and saw people using it to help dry the surface of their cookies. What I didn’t know is it makes your cookies dry with an amazing shine and helps prevent your royal icing colors from bleeding. Do you see why it’s one of my new favorite decorating tools?

Royal Icing Tips Video:

I hope you enjoy this video and find lots of helpful royal icing tips that make your life easier.

Sugar Cookies 101- Part 3 Royal Icing Tips-Like How to Prevent Air Bubbles | The Bearfoot Baker

I hope these simple little royal icing tips help make your cookie decorating a little sweeter. If you have any questions let me know by leaving a comment below because we want to help. I’m working on some new videos and I want to make sure I cover all your questions. Remember, all of these tips may not work for you because your climate has a lot to do with how your royal icing behaves. Don’t let that stop you. We have amazing big brains and wonderful friends that will help us conquer those royal icing questions. We’ve got this!

Sugar Cookies 101- Part 3 Royal Icing Tips- Never Give Up | The Bearfoot Baker

Just do me a favor and never give up because you can make beautiful cookies. If you don’t know the answers, ask because I’m here to help and so are many other bloggers! That’s why we do what we do!

Don’t forget to leave your questions about royal icing in the comment section because I’m here to help!

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