Superman Costume for a Toddler

I went to the movies a few months ago and saw the previews for the new Superman movie. I don’t normally keep up with movie releases but, this one struck my creative side. The more I saw Superman flying around the big screen, the more I wanted to make a Superman costume for a toddler. The challenge is making a costume with a cape that doesn’t tie around the neck so here is what I came up with.

“Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s The Man of “STEAL!”

Cute Superman Costume for Toddlers by thebearfootbaker.comThe movie preview kept saying, “The Man of Steel” and all I could think about is my little grandson Tripp. He is my “Man of Steal” because he stole my heart about a year ago and it melts ever time I see him. And what would be more perfect then to see him run around dressed as Superman? Nothing! So now that you see how adorable he is, you might understand why I made a Superman costume for a toddler.

Superman Costume for a Toddler by The Bearfoot BakerHe seemed to enjoy walking around so his cape would flow in the wind. He is such a cutie!

I just want to point out this project is not for the runway. It is for the driveway so don’t stress out about it. I could have bought a pattern for a Superman costume for a toddler or looked something up on the internet but, I decided to just have fun with it and I encourage you to do the same. The kiddos don’t care if every stitch is in place or if the cape is the perfect length. They just want to have fun and you will be their hero for making them costumes.

Superman Costume for a Toddler:

Simple Superman Costume for Toddlers by

Buy a Superman t-shirt. This one came from Wal-Mart and was about $5.
Buy a pair of red shorts. These also came from Wal-Mart and cost about $3.
Have a piece of red fabric cut for the cape. Pick something that will flow well. The amount depends on the size of your toddler. I purchased 1/4 of a yard. The best way to know how much you need it by measuring around the collar of the t-shirt and add about 5″. One inch for the hem plus 2 for each side of the shirt.  For the length, I measured from Tripp’s collar to the bend of his knee and added an inch for the hem. My final piece was 17″ x 21″  and cost about $2. Just remember, have fun with it and don’t stress.

  1. Now for the hem. Fold the edge of the fabric over about 1/4″ and iron it. Fold it 1/4″ again and iron it again. Repeat for all 4 sides and sew.
  2. With a needle and thread, sew a loose stitch by hand on the end you want to attach to the collar of the t-shirt and do not secure it or tie it off. Once the thread is through, remove the needle. By pulling the fabric on the thread, you can make as many or few pleats as you need to fit the collar of the t-shirt. Just be careful and don’t pull the thread out until later.
  3. Pin the cape to the collar and sew and remove the thread you hand stitched.

There you have it! For about $10 and 30 minute, you will have yourself an adorable little superhero. You can do this with for Supergirl, Wonder Woman or Batman or make your own superhero with a plain t-shirt and some paint.

Superman Costume for a Toddler by www.thebearfootbaker.comI think he likes it! Who knew that spending 30 minutes sewing a Superman costume for a toddler would make so many smiles? Not me.

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Happy Creating,