The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #12 “Boys to Men!”

I am going to keep this short and sweet today because, I am at the hospital waiting to see my first grandchild! He is arriving today and I think he wants to be in this MAN post!! LOL He is already like his daddy!

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party via

Thank you all who entered the Rainbow Link Party! The cookies were over the top of the rainbow gorgeous!! I will announce the winner and celebrate with you tomorrow so I can spend the day getting to know the new little man in our life. Since my grandson chose to arrive today, feel free to link up all baby boy, boy, and man cookies. It will help us welcome him into our cookie world!

If you are not sure how to upload a photo, you can see my new tutorial here.

Now for the rules:
1. It must be a cookie you created!!
2. The link must go directly to your post, or your photo and not your Facebook page or homepage.
3. Nice stuff only, seriously, kids could be watching! And Santa is always watching!
4. No ads, shops, giveaways, etc… (they will be removed)

Love you all and can’t wait to see the manly things you have made:)

Love you all and can’t wait to see the baby boy, boy and man cookies! Thanks for helping me celebrate! You all are the best friends ever!

Happy Creating,