Welcome to The Power of a Cookie Podcast

Welcome to The Power of a Cookie Podcast! I’m so excited to finally share my latest project with you. Way back in September 2015 Mike and Karen Summers asked me to be the keynote speaker at Cookie Con. I honestly couldn’t believe they asked me! Really? ME! It has been one of the biggest thrills of my cookie decorating journey and is what inspired this podcast.


The Power of a Cookie Intro with Lisa Snyder | The Bearfoot Baker

You might be asking yourself what’s the power of a cookie and why do we need a podcast about it. That’s a good question. I think we all need to hear good news, inspiring stories and be uplifted. Cookie decorators motivate us and empower us to change the world for the better. That’s where The Power of a Cookie Podcast comes in. This is going to be a place to hear fellow decorators share their stories of how they use their cookie skills to change the world one cookie at a time.

The Power of a Cookie Podcast | The Bearfoot Baker

You’ll hear how they’ve overcome challenges that could’ve stopped them from baking. How an event in their life that appeared devastating has actually opened a new door to help them become independent business owners who support their families. You’ll see how cookie decorators saw a need and used their cookie skills to raise money for medical research and those in need. You’ll also hear how some people share a cookie as a random act of kindness that totally makes someone feel loved and appreciated.

This is a place where we can inspire, empower, uplift, motivate, encourage and truly use cookies to make a difference!

Doesn’t this sound like fun? I have a few guest lined up and I’m on the look out for more. If you share your cookies to help make a difference in the world or know someone who does, email me so we can all hear how they share The Power of a Cookie! I look forward to hearing all the exciting and amazing things you all do! 

The Power of a Cookie | The Bearfoot Baker

So get ready for The Power of a Cookie Podcast where you’ll hear stories from cookie artists who use their skills to “bake the world better one cookie at a time!”

The Power of a Cookie Podcast Coming Soon!

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The Power of a Cookie Podcast with Lias Snyder Coming Soon | The Bearfoot Baker

I’d like to give special thanks to some wonderful shop and store owners that were eager to help with the podcast. Their kindness, love, support, and talent is greatly appreciated. They’re always eager to help our community grow and supply us with the tools we need to make our dreams come true! So thank you, ladies, for all your kindness and support!

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