Santa Cookie-The One That Started it All

Today, I am going to tell you about something I did that made me panic 2 minutes after I did it. I thought I would share it with you since yesterday was Black Friday and some of you woke up at 2 am to go fight the cold and crowds to buy gifts for people you love. I felt the time was right to talk about shopping.  Not just shopping, I am talking about overpaying for something because you get caught up in the moment. This Santa cookie story should make you laugh.

Santa Cookie

My Santa Cookie Story:

This is “The” Santa cookie that started me on this wonderful cookie path I am on.  I saw Dani Fiori on the Martha Stewart Show make these cookies and it was love at first sight. When the preview with Dani showed her with those cute little icing bottles, my heart skipped a beat. I grabbed an old VHS tape so I could record it. I mean this guy was so cute I had to know how to make him.

I popped the tape in the VCR (no easy task for me) and I watched Dani teach Martha how to make adorable Santa cookie. I was mesmerized! I could not take my eyes off them. Once the segment was over, I rewound the tape and watched it again. Then, I grabbed my computer and went to find the Martha Stewart Holiday Cutters at Macy’s. NOOOO!!! They were sold out!! What was I going to do? I convinced myself that this was the only cookie in the world I could make!

I did what any crazed want to be cookie decorator would do. I searched for eBay! There it was! The set!! THE SET that I had to have or I would never be able to decorate any cookie because this one was the only one I had seen decorated with those cute little bottles!! I had to have it!! I HAD TO HAVE IT! I grabbed my credit card and placed a bid. I could almost hear eBay laugh as I was notified I had been outbid!

I upped my bid! Then, I upped it again and again until (gulp) I had placed a bid of $60.00!! I did it! Yes, surely that other bidder would not go that high! I wanted them so much more than she did! I clicked the button and waited! I had to win! I was in a bidding war! I needed that Santa cutter! It was mine I tell you!! ALL MINE!!! I got the Santa Cookie Cutter I needed!

What just happened? Did I really spend $60 for a Santa cutter? Oh, my word! I felt my heart sink. But did I stop there? Nope! I began the search for the cute little bottles she was using and I found them at Karen’s Cookies. I ordered several and tips to use with them and I was ready. Then it hit me again! What had I done? Did I really spend $60.00 on a Santa Cookie cutters that sold new for around $20.00 at Macy’s? Yes, I did!

OH NOOOO!! What was I going to tell Alan? He was going to think I had lost my mind! I KNEW I had lost it! What in the world was I thinking??? $60.00??? Holy COW! When Alan came home I immediately confessed. He smiled and hugged me and said if it made me happy it was fine. He encouraged me to do something that I might enjoy. I felt so much better but was still upset that I went that crazy over a Santa Cookie cutter.

So now you see why this Santa cookie is so special to me. It is made with the most expensive cutter I own and it introduced me to the wonderful world of cookies and to you! If not for this little expensive cutter, what would I be doing today? I would not have the joy of baking and sharing things I have learned with you! We would not be cookie friends! I can’t imagine that!!

Do you feel better now about how much money you spent yesterday? At least you woke up early and were looking for deals! I have no excuse! I just had a moment when I went NUTs!!! Lesson learned! or was it?  I make this little guy every year as a reminder to go nuts sometimes. You never know where your crazy moment will take you! It brought me to you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can find Dani’s video tutorial here and the template here and if you can’t find the cutter for less than $60 here is the pattern so you can hand cut him. Be warned, hide your credit card before you watch it. Santa has magical powers! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even if you follow her tutorial, you can still add touches to make him your Santa Cookie. I airbrushed mine this year and I like him! How will I decorate him next year? Stick around to find out.

Bear hugs,