Time “Flies”

Creepy Fly Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.com

Summer is almost over and I can’t believe how “Time Flies!” Seriously! It is AUGUST! Summer Camp was amazing but, my kitchen missed me and I missed it!! I have so many ideas “flying” around in my head and I am so energized about baking that I am going CRAZY MAD with excitement!! Now, I am not “Tom Cruze jump on Oprah’s couch Crazy Mad” but, I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen and turn all that sugar, butter and flour into fun delicious things! Time does fly and fly cookies can be sorta cute if you don’t realize one of your worst nightmares about eating a fly is about to come true!

Can you guess what cutter I used to make them? I know you can see it! A cute little ladybug became a pretty cool fly!I plan on making these for my Halloween dessert table and may even add some cake pop sticks next time. You all are way more creative than I am and I know you will come up with something awesome! I know someone somewhere will make these for a “Bug Birthday Party” for a budding Entomologist. They are super easy and time will “fly” because you are only using 3 colors.

Fly Supplies:
Black Outline Icing
White Flood Icing
Red Outline Icing
I used an Edible Marker to outline the design

First things first, you need a pattern. I cut an exclamation point out of paper. I used an edible food marker to trace it as the eyes and wings.Can you see the exclamation point now that it is upside down? Super EASY!!!

Then, add the head, legs and, body.
Next, outline and flood the head and body with your black icing. Let this dry for several hours so when you add the white, it won’t bleed.

Next, flood the wings with the white. While it is wet, add the black vein. To help prevent bleeding, I placed the cookie in front of a fan like Sweet Sugar Belle says in this post. I set all the flies but one in front of the fan and it was the only one that bled. Amazing! It totally workes!! And it will give your cookies a nice shine when they are dry.

Next, with your red icing, add the eyes. I accidentally let the red and white touch in this photo but, there is less chance of bleeding if they don’t touch. You can do this by following the o black outlines closer than I did.

With the black icing, make the lines in the eyes. You can let the red dry a little or do the wet on wet technique. Your choice!

See! Wouldn’t these be cute for a bug theme birthday party? Or on the dessert table at a Halloween party? I might even make them for our Labor Day Cookout. They will be super cute on a picnic table with these ants! These bugs won’t “bug” me like the reay ones do! LOL

Summer is fling by so go do something summery before it is too late!!

Happy Baking,