Tip for No Clog “0” and “00” PME Tips

Are you tired of clogged tips?
Do you want to make fine lines with icing?
Does “Frustration-Free?” sound good to you?
Do you want flat abs? (oops…wrong infomercial!)

Well, I have a “tip” for you!!!

I do not like infomercials but sometimes they get your attention. Well, I want your attention for today’s “Quick Tip.” Did it work?

This is a “0” PME Tip. It is your friend. It can help you make little lines that will add so much detail to your cookies that you will want to take pictures to carry in your wallet and show all your friends. You are going to LOVE her and her little sister!

  • Lil Sister is a “00” PME! One size smaller than the “0”.  I would LOVE to have all PME Tips but the truth is they are more expensive than the Wilton tips. I can also grab Wilton tips when I go to Wal-Mart, Michael’s,  or Hobby Lobby without having to order them online. 

  • These tips were all bought about the same time and both sets get used a lot. See how shiny and new the PME tips look? I am only speaking from my own personal experience but the Wilton Tips tarnish after some use. I don’t want something else I have to scrub, polish, or treat with tender loving care. You can buy PME Tips here.


  • They also decorate differently. My icing comes out with a better flow and seems smoother.  It is hard to explain but I prefer the PME tips because I feel I can decorate better with them.  Also, I don’t have to replace them as often. As a matter of fact, I have never had to replace one. I can’t say that about the Wilton Tips.

  • Let’s start at the beginning. This is what I use to assemble my icing bags for decorating. 1 bag, 1 tip, 1coupler and 1 Wilton Icing Bag Tie.

  • First, cut the end of the bag. 

  • Insert coupler base into the bag and push it down to the end.

  • Slide the tip on the base. Make sure none of the bag is sticking out of the sides of the tip. If your bag is on the inside of the tip, the icing will be on the inside of the tip and not on your hands.

  • Screw the ring onto the base. Now you are ready for the icing.

  • Before this next step, I want to thank Tracy LH for showing me how to do this.  Sweetopia also has a tutorial on her site. I asked her if she would mind if I did my own tutorial and she was so nice and encouraging and told me I could. She is sweet like that!!!! Be sure to go see her tips here.
Now let’s make some “Frustration Free” icing.

Supplies for No Clog Tips:

  • Knee High Stockings
  • Icing
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Bag
  • Cup, Glass or Mason Jar

  • Stretch your stocking over your glass,cup, or if you are me a Mason Jar. Then, you need to prepare your icing. I am making bright green. Use the spray bottle to add water until you get the consistency you want. I like my icing on the thin side for “0” and “00” PME Tips.

  • Now for the fun part! I am so excite!!!! (clap, clap, clap!)

  • Pour the icing into your twice freshly washed, never been on anyone’s foot before, brand spanking new stocking.

  • Once you pour all the icing in, remove the stocking from the jar.

  • Place the bag with the coupler and tip into the jar and fold the top of the bag down over the edge.
  • Wrap a piece of plastic wrap around the stocking icing ball (that is what I am going to call it) and hold over the open bag.
  • Squeeze the stocking and let the icing flow through the stocking into the bag. The plastic wrap will keep your hands icing free.

  • Now, let’s close off your bag so your icing doesn’t flow all over your table. The purple little band in my hand is a Wilton Icing Bag Tie. I will show you how it works.

  • Hold down the little part that looks like an arrow while stretching the other end around the top of the icing bag like I am doing in the picture.

  • Pull the loop over the arrow part. The sides of the arrow will hold the band in place.

  • Holds perfectly!!!

Now let the icing flow out of the “0” PME Tip! No clogs!!! Stop pulling your hair out and decorate some cookies!!!!!


If your icing wants to curl when it comes out of the tip it is probably because it is too thick. Don’t stress. It just takes a little practice and you will get it! I promise!

Bear hugs,