Toadstool Royal Icing Transfers & Templates

I know today is not Tuesday because it’s Wednesday which means I am late with “Template Tuesday.” I tried hard to get these cute little toadstool royal icing transfers done for you but, it just wasn’t in the cards. I made a batch of icing then, I made another batch of icing. Then, I got frustrated and went to bed.

Toadstool Royal Icing Transfers

Remember the other day when I talked about royal icing problems? And I wrote this post about, “Why does royal icing bleed?”  Well, let me tell you something. My royal icing has been behaving badly for the last couple of days. Our humidity is so high that my icing has been forming creators right before my eyes. And it bleeds as soon as it touches another color no matter how dry the base icing is. It has been crazy but, I didn’t give up! No SIR! I kept on until I made these cuties.

Supplies for Toadstool Royal Icing Transfers:

Red 15 Second Royal Icing
White 15 Second Royal Icing
Small Template
Medium Template
Large Template
Masking Tape
Wax Paper

Toadstool Royal Icing Transfers

Begin printing off the templates and taping them to a flat surface such as a baking sheet or a cutting board.
Next, cover them with wax paper and tape it down so there are no wrinkles like I did here. Girls don’t like wrinkles and neither do toadstool royal icing transfers.

Then, pipe the stem and let it dry overnight. If you look at the pattern you can see I had planned on making little gills (the underside of the cap) but, with the humidity, I gave up.  I piped it and then covered it with red icing.  The funny part is I think it stopped the cap from bleeding on the stem! Go figure! I am going to try some experiments later to test my theory.

Simple Toadstool Royal Icing Transfers

Once you pipe the stem and let it dry, pipe the red cap and add three white dots while the red icing is still wet.

Easy Toadstool Royal Icing Transfers

Now if your icing is being bad like mine, don’t worry. I tried a few things that might help you. If your white dots do pick up some of the red, you can paint or pipe white dots on them the night before you use them. I prefer piping the dots because the white food gel doesn’t seem to paint very well. It tends to separate a little and I prefer a clean look.

Woodland-Toadstool Royal Icing Transfers

Hope your humidity is better than mine and I hope you forgive me for being late:)

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For information on how to store royal icing transfers, click here.

Bear hugs,