Want to Make a Super Easy Unicorn Cake

Want to Make a Super Easy Unicorn Cake? I don’t know how much easier it can get than making this cake. You’ll be surprised how simple this is. Trust me!

Want to Make a Super Easy Unicorn Cake | The Bearfoot Baker

Supplies for a  Super Easy Unicorn Cake:
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Let the fun begin!

Want to Make a Super Easy and Simple Unicorn Cake | The Bearfoot Baker

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Cake Flavor
  • Number of Servings
  • Buttercream or Fondant
  • When will the cake be ready for pick-up?
  • Can I purchase additional frosting?

Keep in mind you’ll need a cake stand and knife. Can you think of anything else you’ll need? I think that about covers it.

Want to Make a Super Easy Beautiful Unicorn Cake | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Divide the frosting into the different bowls and mix the colors you’ll need.
  • Trim the tip-off of the decorating bags and add the 1M Decorating Tip.
  • Add the icing to the decorating bags.
  • Place the cake on a turntable and you’re ready to get started!

Want to Make an Easy Unicorn Cake | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Make swirl roses with all the different colors of frosting you made. If your unicorn has any holes in between the swirl roses, you can use the 1M Start Tip to fill them. You can see how simple this is in the video below.
  • Add the sprinkles to the unicorn cake and place some on the cake stand. Little details like a sprinkled cakestand will make it look like you spent all day making the cake.

I didn’t make a ton of photos for this cake but I do have a video below for you. As a blogger, I have two cameras and one broke. Sad.  I sent it to Canon for repair and it should be here tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that it will work like new so we can get back to making more videos and tutorials. If it doesn’t work like new, I’m going shopping for a new one so either way, we’ll have tutorials and photos of new sweet things soon.

Unicorn Cake Video:

Stay tuned because we’re going to make ears, horns, and eyes next! Oh boy!

Bear hugs,