Want Some Kisses?

How about a bag full of kisses? I love this idea. They are soooooo simple! If you need to make cookies for Valentine’s Day, these are super quick to make so you still have time.  There is only one color so that means only 1 bag off icing. Now don’t let them fool you, they are quick but CUTE!


Brown Twenty Second Icing
Now let’s make some kisses!

With the brown icing, outline and immediately flood your kiss. Thanks Sweet Sugarbelle for teaching us about Twenty Second Icing! It saves so much time! You are the best!

Use a toothpick or a boo boo stick to shape the top. Wait for it to dry and put them in a cute package.

That is it ladies and gentleman! You can make cookies and get ready for your night of romance! Me? I am going to go see a movie with with my dear husband and my daughter. We have a night of fun planned that includes a large box of popcorn and a bag full of kisses!

Happy Creating,