Where is the Mail? I don’t know

Where is the mail? Well, I am not sure!

Sometimes things go wrong. Terribly wrong. Like sometimes you lose your car keys and miss an important meeting or you fall off your chair and bump you head or (gasp!) your email doesn’t work.  Well, my email has been broken. Where is the Mail? | The Bearfoot Baker

Where is the mail?

It all started at Cookie Con when I told everyone to “Email Me! I always answer my emails!” You all would walk by me with big smiles on your face and say, “I sent you an email” and I would think, AWESOME you emailed me. I can’t wait to read it.

I never got to read it. I just heard crickets instead of, “You’ve got mail!” So I am asking where is the mail? 

I always read my emails and reply within a day or so. I am positively sick about the one’s I didn’t get. I wish I could turn back time and fix the issue before it became an issue, but I didn’t know about it. So instead I am asking, “Where is the Mail?” I don’t have it and for that I am truly sorry!

I am heartbroken. I pride myself on being accessible and someone you can reach out to that will help you any way I can, but unbeknown to me, the line of communication has been broken and I didn’t even know it.

First of all, the issue is fixed now so thank goodness for that!

Second, if you have emailed me, like ever, and I didn’t answer you, please, please, please resend your email! I beg you. I want to be here for you and chat or hang out or help if you need it.

I promise, I didn’t ignore you!

I didn’t read your email and decided that I didn’t want to answer it.

I simply did not receive it.

And for this I apologize! I am truly sorry. I want your emails! I NEED your EMAILS!!! I want to chat and reopen the lines of communication and be cookie friends again.

So please, can we be friends again? Will you forgive me for not being the most “coding savvy” blog person that checked the email code to make sure it was and has been working great since the beginning of time?

I hope you can. This is where I add a cute joke and tell you to “Email Me!” and we laugh and laugh and make some cookies together because you forgive me. You forgive me right?

Please resend those emails and I will answer them asap.

Bear hugs and I love ya cookie friends,