Whimsical Flower Cookies

Do you have a favorite cookie you make really fast? I have a set. I call them the “Fast and the Furious!” I can make them fast, Fast, FAST!! It is a good to have a cookie design that you can make without a pattern. My “Fast and Furious” cookies are not only fast but they are fun to make because I grab a piping bag and just create without the stress of worrying about them being the exact same.

These cookies are perfect when I get a request for cookies at the last minute. You can make them with any colors you have on hand.

White 15 Second Icing
Black Outline Icing
Yellow 15 Second Icing
Orange Outline Icing

First, you outline and flood the base of your cookie with your white icing and let it dry for as long as you can. I let these dry for about 2 hours. To help prevent bleeding, I use the fan method I learned from Sweet Sugar Belle.
Then, with the yellow icing I quickly piped loops for a flower. I didn’t care if they were the same size or even matched the other cookies in the set because they are whimsical! They don’t have to match and that is why they are so fast.

With the yellow icing, flood the flower.

While the flower is still wet, make a swirl on the center of your flower with the orange icing.

Next, outline the flower with the black icing.

Then, outline the edge of the cookie with the black icing and you are all done.

Once the base of this cookies is outlined and flooded, I can decorate these cookies in less than a minute each. When I get a last minute request for some fun cookies, this is what I make. Remember, you can change the colors and get a totally different look.

Do you have a cookie design that you can make really fast? I’d love to hear what you make.

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Happy Creating,