Wicked Skull Cookies with Flowers and a Video

It’s almost Halloween and it’s finally starting to feel like fall. September was very warm this year and I’m afraid the colorful trees aren’t going to be as wonderful as we’d like them to be. That’s okay though. It’s something we can’t change, but being cookie decorators we can add some color to our fall cookies. If we add a few colorful flowers to these skull cookies, we can still feel like we have the best fall ever, even if we know we don’t.

Wicked Skull Cookies with Flowers & a Video | The Bearfoot Baker

So grab your piping bags and let’s make some skull cookies that make us happy!

Supplies for Wicked Skull Cookies:
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Sugar Cookie Recipe
Half a Batch of Royal Icing Recipe

Cookie Cutter:
Meri Meri Halloween Cookie Cutters– I ordered this set of cutters last year and found them on Amazon. If you don’t have this cutter don’t panic. You can use almost any skull cookie cutter to make them. All you need is a skull cookie cutter and a circle cookie cutter so you can cut out the eyes.
Or a Wilton Skull with Eyeball Cutter Set, Assorted

Royal Icing:
15-Second Royal Icing in a decorating bag.

Silver Jewel Dust
Airbrush System- You can find them on my ‘Shop‘ page.
Warm Brown Amerimist Airbrush Color for airbrushing and painting the cracks on the skull
Detail paintbrush
Edible Apple Blossom Flowers & Video– If you don’t have any you can purchase royal icing candy decorations at Wal-Mart or cake supply stores.
Turkey lacer

Wicked Skull Cookies with Flowers | The Bearfoot Baker

  • These skull cookies aren’t very hard to make. All you need to do is outline and flood the skull cookies with white royal icing.
  • Let them dry for a little bit and then you’ll be ready to airbrush.

Wicked Skull Cookies with a Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Airbrush the edges of the skull cookies and inside the nose. When you airbrush, be sure to spray the edges of the cookies so it looks like their part of the skull instead of sitting on the cookie.

Wicked Skull Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • After you spray the edges, hold the airbrush gun away way from the top of the cookie (about 5″ over the top) and give it a light spray. This will help age your skull cookies so they look old.
  • Add the flowers to the top of the cookies. If you don’t have or don’t want to use flowers, I’m sure you can find something else to use like Wilton’s pumpkin, ghost, bat, spider’s, bows, or many other decorating candies they have. Find something fun and go for it!
  • Glue the candy decoration or flower on with the white royal icing.

Once you have the flowers (or candy) glued in place and while the airbrush gel is still wet, spray the skull cookies with the Jewel Dust. It will give them a nice little shine!

Fun Wicked Skull Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

You’re almost done.

  • Use the paintbrush and the brown airbrush gel color to pain a few cracks on the skull.
  • Let them dry completely before you stack or package them.

Wicked Skull Cookies with Flowers and a Video:

You can make the skull face as dark or light as you want. If you’ll notice the skull cookies in the image below you’ll see there are some that are darker than the others. I like to mix things up and make then different so my platter has a little more character. Feel free to make yours however you want to make them. Just do me a favor, have fun while you make them!

Wicked Skull Cookies with Flowers & a Video | The Bearfoot Baker

If you didn’t get the fall colors you wanted don’t stress it. Just grab some colorful royal icing flowers or candy and make your own colorful Halloween memories! You’ll have fun and make some memories you can cherish for the rest of your life!

Have fun and stay safe this Halloween!

Bear hugs,