You say Hedgehog, I say Porcupine!

How to Make Hedgehog or Porcupine Cookies via

I had to make woodland cookies! I live in the woods, I hike in the woods and I love animals! Knowing all of that, doesn’t it make perfect sense that I make “Woodland Cookies?” I didn’t want to buy new cutters so I decided to work with what I have. I want to show you in the next few weeks how easy it is to “tweak” cutters or just think differently about using them. Take his little hedgehog cutter for example. I see a hedgehog but I also see a porcupine. You say hedgehog, I say porcupine! If you are a little creative when you decorate, your cutter can be used for more than one design.

I have to say that this is one of the cutest cookies cutters I have ever seen! I didn’t buy it though. It was a gift from my dear friend Vicki at Sweet Tweets. She did a guest post and made the cutest Hedgehog Cookies for me a few months ago and I feel in love with her cookies and the cutter. The next thing I know, I opened a box that came in the mail and there was the beautiful little cutter from my cookie friend!! Thanks so MUCH Vicki!!! I LOVE IT!!

Black Outline Icing
Medium Gray Flood Icing
Light Gray Flood Icing
Hedgehog Cutter from Ecrandal Cookie Cutters

First, outline the porcupine with black and fill in the nose. Let it dry for a few hours so the gray doesn’t bleed later.

 Next, flood the body with the medium gray icing.

Then, with the black icing, make the little quills. This can be a wet on wet technique (while the base icing is wet, add the second icing without waiting for the base to dry.) If you are like me and prefer a little texture, you can add the quills when the body is dry. I have never seen a flat porcupine before!

Now you are ready to flood the face and feet with the light gray icing.

Add a little dot for the eye and you have yourself a porcupine!

I like the little gray guy but, I had to try a brown one.  I like both of them and think a cute little pink one would be good for a little girl’s woodland themed birthday party.

I hope y’all have time to go take a hike in the woods today. If you don’t live in the woods, get outside and find some inspiration for your cookies! Have a great day and…

Happy Creating,