You’ve Got Mail

I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail!” It is a cute love story and I cry at the end every time I watch it! It makes me happy to curl up on the couch with my favorite blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and just get lost in New York City with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

I don’t sit and watch my computer waiting for it to say, “You’ve Got Mail” but I do watch the mailbox when I order supplies from my favorite stores. I get so excited I feel like it is Christmas. Did I mention I live in the middle of nowhere? It takes me almost all day to go to the city to get supplies. I love where I live so don’t get me wrong but it is nice to have something delivered to you mailbox. Did I mention my mailbox is almost 2 miles away from my house? Even the mailman doesn’t know where I live but he leaves me packages like these:

I ordered stuff from Simply Caked and Off the Beaten Path this week and it has already arrived! Do you want to see my loot? I am so EXCITED!!!!

Lets start with the big box first!

The anticipation is killing me! I know what I ordered but I am positively giddy right now!

Yes! Here it is! Oh how I want to play with all of you right now!

There is my Eiffel Tower, golf flag and bag, rooster, tie, lightening bolt, grill, fishing rod, caterpillar, snail, turtle, and my little piggies! I like ordering from Off the Beaten Path because they are always professional and my packages arrive very fast. They also have a great selection of cutters and cookie stuff! It was the first place I ever ordered cutter from online. They are so NICE!!

Now for box number 2!

I also ordered from Simply Caked. Want to see what is inside? Me too!

Aren’t they pretty? Wait, lets get a better look.

I am a happy little baker right now! Grease proof cupcake liners! That is right ladies and gentlemen! I can bake cupcakes and muffins and my papers will not get all greasy and nasty! They have so many colors to chose from! It is times like this I wish I could buy the world a package of cupcake liners in every color! Seriously, there would be no more war because who can be unhappy when eating a cupcake in a pretty liner like these? Once you use them you will never buy them from the grocery store again!

Wait, there is more! Want to know one of my all time favorite things I have got in my mailbox? Ok, here it is!

An airbrush gun from Karen’s Cookies! It is officially called an Pegasus Professional Airbrush System! I can do so much with it and it saves me so much time and food coloring! I can’t wait to show you what this bad boy can do! I am going to add a post on that soon! I love ordering from Karen. Her and her husband Mike are so nice! It is like ordering from your neighbor! And she has a blog and decorating videos on her blog like this one! It has changed the way people everywhere fill their icing bags!

I hope you like mail as much as I do. It can really brighten my day and get my creativity flowing. Once I open the box I start dreaming of ways to use my new toys!

Do something nice for yourself and log on to one of these great cookie and cupcake suppliers and have a little joy delivered to your door! What’s that? You want a discount? Well ok! They are so nice they will give you one just because they love ya!


Karen’s Cookies20 %  off your order if you use the code bearfoot20 through March 25th

Simply Caked-10 %  off you entire order if you use code: Liners10

Off The Beaten Path29% your order through 2-29-12 use the code FB29

PS- I paid for all the supplies above myself. I am sharing this with you because these are some of the places I shop and have received excellent products and excellent customer service. The opinions above are my own.

Happy Creating,