Happy New Year Cookies

Is it just me or does anyone one else need more time between Christmas and New Year? I really wish I had a few more days to make  some detailed cookies but I don’t have a lot of time and I need cookies fast. This is what I cam up with.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerThese cookies are so simple and super fast. I didn’t want a design that had a lot of drying time but I wanted some sparkle and fun.

Supplies for New Year Cookies:

Black & Blue 15 Second Icing
Blue Disco Dust

**UPDATE** Since I made this post we have learned that disco dust is not food safe because it is made with tiny pieces of plastic. There is a food safe version you can make instead and you can find the recipe is here. Although  it is not as shiny as Disco Dust, it is 100% food safe. I will now use Disco Dust on craft items that will not be eaten and use the Sparkle Dust on cookies and cakes.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerI purchase Disco Dust from a local bakery supply store. I also order it online from Karen’s Cookies. If you don’t have Disco Dust on hand, sanding sugar will also work but you will get a different look.

This tutorial is going to be fast and simple.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerOutline each cookie with the black 20 second icing.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerFlood the glass and the bottom part of the dress. Let the dress dry while you work on the hat.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerFlood every other section with blue and sprinkle with disco dust immediately. I chose this order because disco dust will make a mess and it will be almost impossible to remove from the black if you do it first. Gently shake the disco dust onto parchment paper and pour it back into the jar so you can reuse it. Let these dry while you work on the numbers.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerOutline and flood the numbers with blue and cover with disco dust. Gently shake the disco dust onto parchment paper and put it back in the jar. You might want to work with only a few cookies at a time so disco dust will stick to the wet icing.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerNext, flood the top of the dress and the rest of the stripes with black. Let these dry for a few minutes.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerNext, add the black to the top and bottom of the hat.

Add some simple details to the dress and you are all done.

Happy New Year Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerIf you have not started making your New Year’s cookies there is still time as long as you keep it simple. But remember, simple does not need to boring!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2012 is filled with family fun, time with friends, love, laughter and many, many blessings.

Happy Creating,



  1. Happy New Year! My wish for you is that you are blessed all year long… that you continue blogging through the year… and that we get to see each other in 2012! That’s not asking much :) xox

  2. I love these! I wish I was better at making SIMPLE beautiful cookies…maybe that couuld be a goal! You make me smile! PS. LOVE the colors! LOVE!!!

  3. wow, very nice indeed!

  4. I agree…we do need more time between Christmas and New Years! Your cookies look stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Such CUTE NYE cookies! Love that blue sparkle you added as well :) Happy New Year!

  6. Great designs and love your colors! Fantastic photo too! Happy New Year to you! I can’t wait to see your creations in 2012!

  7. kristen says:

    firstly, all of your posts are so helpful and your work is gorgeous!
    i understand the concept of 20 second icing and i hope this isnt a dumb question but what makes you decide to outline with 20 sec icing instead of the normally used thicker icing for piping? im still trying to figure out when or why i should use one vs the other for outlining purposes … thank you so much for your time and your blog!

    • Kristen, there are no dumb question first of all! Only dumb answers and I may provide a few now and then by mistake! LOL I like the 20 second icing because it is a good consistency for flooding and outlining. If I try to outline with flood icing it runs off the side of the cookie most of the time. If I try to flood with outline icing, the icing is rough and does not have a flat surface. The twenty second icing will allow me to only mix once consistency so it is faster then making flood and outline. Also, when I outline with twenty second icing and flood, the icing has a nice rounded smooth edge instead of a harder outline look.

      Hope this helps! Those are my reasons but you need to do what works for you:) Have a great day:)

  8. Laura Pokas says:

    Love the black and blue combo!

  9. Lovely cookies, but disco dust is PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER and not for use on food–that is why containers say “non toxic, for decoration only”. With the disco dust on them, they are rendered inedible.

    Disco dust is for use decos that will be removed and discarded or stored.

    To keep something edible, edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin should be used.

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