Fun Gingerbread Man Cookies

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? Where oh where does the time go? Christmas will be here soon and then New Year’s and then I will have to try really, really hard to not make the a New Year’s resolution to lose weight because I shouldn’t want to lose weight just because it is January. Sometimes I wish I was a cookie. If I were one of these fun gingerbread man cookies, losing weight would be easy and I wouldn’t have to work out a million hours a week or avoid sugar or watch my friends eat while I drink 10 gallons of water and force a smile on my face and say things like, no thank you I am not hungry.

Fun Gingerbread Man Cookies - Use one Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter and Trim the Sides to make Different Shaped Gingerbread Men. [Continue reading…]

Chocolate Caramel Apples

Do you have any idea what I did this weekend? Well here is a hint. I made some delicious chocolate caramel apples that actually turned out exactly the way I imagined. The caramel didn’t fall off. I didn’t have to double or triple dip them. All I did was follow a few simple directions and look what happened.Chocolate Caramel Apples - Find out my secret for making the perfect apples every time [Continue reading…]

Pretty Turkey Cookies

Pretty Turkey Cookies via

Turkey number nine is here. He is a bit more traditional than the other turkey cookies I have shared because I thought it was time for a pretty turkey cookie. And, I just got this new cutter from Fancy Flours and realized as I was removing it from the package and got a look at it when it was held sideways, it looked like a turkey. … [Continue reading...]