Airbrushing Cookies – What Color Do I Use

How do you know what color to use when your airbrushing cookies? I hear this question a lot. It is really hard to give a quick answer because in my opinion, there isn’t just one answer.  It is kind of like decorating a cookie. There are many different ways to do it and get great results.

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Witch Cookies for Halloween

Witch Cookies for Halloween by

When I was a little girl, I always dressed up as a witch for Halloween. Always. Sometimes I was a scary witch and sometimes I was a a good witch like Glenda from "The Wizard of Oz" or even Samantha in "Bewitch." I just loved Samantha's adorable nose. As I looked through my Halloween cutters this year trying to find something that would make a … [Continue reading...]

Cute Pumpkin Cookies

Cute Pumpkin Cookies for Fall - Simple Sugar Cookies with Royal icing

It is Fall. Fall is amazing. The weather it a little cooler, the leaves are starting to change colors and the sun sleeps a little later and goes to bed a little early each night. When fall arrives, it does something to me. I am alert, full of energy and I become a mad woman in the kitchen. I bake and cook anything and everything I can get my hands … [Continue reading...]