What will it BEE?

I want to share something exciting with you. I am going to become a grandma in June! I am so excited!! Chase is my oldest son and a few years ago, he fell in love with Anne. I can see why he did because she is amazing! Then, they got married! One day, a few months ago, Chase and Anne were at our house. We were all in the living room and Chase came in and sat down on the couch by his beautiful wife and said,”Hey, we are going to have a kid!” WHAT??? That is how you told me??? It was like he was asking me to pass the remote to him. Anne looked at him and said, “That’s how you are telling them?” (See why I like her?)  He was so excited that he blurted it out! Anyway, they went to the doctor this week to find out what is was going to be. Want to know???? Well, lets do it cookie style:)

Will it be a boy? Will it be a girl? Anne said the way it is kicking her she thinks it is a Ninja!

I got the idea for theses cookies from a friend of mine. Her name is Aileen of A Master Creation. Her blog is full of her beautiful and original creations. You need to check it out! Last week I sent her and email and asked if I could use her bee design and she was so sweet! She said yes and totally made my day! I am so happy she is my friend;) Thanks Aileen!!!

Once I had the cookie design, my friend Johnna aka The Polka-dot Zebra told me about The Reveal Parties people are having. She said the mommy to be would have an ultrasound but ask the technician to put the results in an envelope. The mommy to be takes the envelope to a bakery and the baker makes a cake while the parents plan a party. When the parents to be cut the cake, the color of the cake is pink or blue to reveal if it is a boy or a girl. Sounds fun! So, the color of the Bee Cookie at the end of this post will tell you what Chase and Anne are having so keep reading. NO PEEKING!!!!!


I used White, Pink and Blue Twenty Second Icing from Sweet Sugar Belle

Black Outline Icing

Pink and Blue Sanding Sugar

Can you tell what cutter I used? It is a mini heart that has been squeezed.

First, with the blue icing, outline the bee’s body. Flood immediately after.

Next, do the same to the pink one and let them dry for several hours.

After your pink and blue have dried, use the white icing to outline and flood the wings. Let these dry for a few more hours.

With the pink icing, outline the wing and make three lines on the body. While it is wet, sprinkle with sanding sugar.

Now do the same to the blue bees.

Next, with your black icing, make an eye and antenna.  Now let them dry overnight.

You can put them in a jar with a cute little tag and let everyone guess what it is going to bee! Want to know what my first grandchild will be?


Wait for it…



Wait for it…


Wait for it…






It’s a BOY!!!!!

Congrats Chase and Anne!! We love you!



  1. Congrats to you and your family!!!!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww, congratulations, Grandma!!!!!

  3. Congratulations for your first grandchild!!! Great news. I’m sure he’ll love your bee cookies :)

  4. Congratulations Lisa! A grandson, how exciting!!
    Lovin’ your cookies, what a great idea!

  5. Yeay!!! Congratulations all around!!!

  6. Awwww….so exciting. Congratulations to you and your family! A little boy. :)))))

  7. Adorable cookies and congratulations on becoming a grandma

  8. YAY! Congrats to you. New baby’s are always exciting. I really like the bees on hearts. Great job and ENJOY!

  9. Congratulations, I have 4 grandchildren and they are wonderful. You will love being a grandmother. My oldest son was the first grandchild and his 1st child a son was the first grandchild and first great-grandchild.

    • Oh wow!! I know that great-grandchild is going to be so LOVED! Congrats to for 4 grandchildren! Sounds like you have a great family!!

  10. Yay!!!!! I loved having a boy first. Congratulations Grandma!! (And I LOVE your bees!!)

    • Thanks Karen! It didn’t matter what it was to me. I was just thrilled they are having one. They will be amazing parents!

  11. Congrats to your beautiful family, Lisa! Can’t wait to see the baby… The COOKIES are adorable, great idea!

  12. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails!! Congrats grandma!!

  13. I am so excited!! Hope that little BOY is ready to learn to bake! When can he start 2 yrs? 3 yrs? 😉 Sending lots of love your way to you, Alan, Chase, Anne and all the family!

  14. I’m in total awe right now! What a wonderful way to celebrate and I LOVE that your post was a story!
    Thank you for thinking of the little bee! I’m very honored for the mention and so happy to call you a friend!

    • You made my day letting me use your cute design! I was in on the cookie swap and got to hold it in my hand and I LOVED it! It stole my heart that day and I am so grateful you let me use it to share our family’s wonderful news!

  15. The little cookies are simply adorable!!! I have goosebumps and that means I am so excited for you! Plus I didn’t cheat to look at the end, but I did scroll down quite fast! :) Another fun way for the couple to find out if it’s a boy or girl is, take a sweetly decorated little box with a slip of paper enclosed saying – “Congratulations, you’re having a ______________ ” in to the doctor’s visit and have them fill in the blank and seal it up. Plan a special evening out for dinner and the couple opens the box together!! Some have even included the whole family when opening the little box!

    • Thanks for not cheating Kim!! I know it was hard not to!

      I love the dinner idea. People are so creative and I love hearing stories like these. I would LOVE to see a box you decorate!!! It would be awesome!!

  16. Wow, sorry that was so long!!

  17. Congratulations Grandma to “bee” and to your whole family!
    I have three grandkids now and they are so adorable oh your going to fall so in Love :))

  18. My heart skipped a BEE-AT! LOVE THIS! That bee sucking his binkie there on the tag….just too cute! I wish my ovaries weren’t shriveled raisins – this would be excuse enough to have another …….. HA!


  20. Congratulations!!!!!! You will be SUCH an awesome grandmama!!!!!!!

  21. Congratulations Lisa!!
    I did some filled cupcakes for one of those reveal parties. I had never heard of it until then.
    Sweet cookies, what a clever idea to put the bee on a heart!!

  22. Congrats, Lisa! Regardless how your son made the announcement, it is exciting news! (Men!). I am sure you will have fun for the next 9 months dreaming up cookies for little boys!

    • Donna, you must know me!! LOL I have been looking at all kinds of boy things! I will always remember how Chase told me! He did it in a way I will never forget!! LOL

  23. Congratulations Lisa and Alan!! You are going to be the best grandparents ever! Thanks for finding such a creative idea to share your wonderful news with all of us! Tell Chase and Anne I send my love!

  24. Oh, congratulations!!! I had guessed a girl! LOL Oh, this is just so wonderful! I cannot even believe that you are going to be a grandma! Oh, SO exciting!! Congratulations again!!

  25. Cookie Friend (Diane) says:


  26. Yay!!!! A boy!!!! Congratulations! You are going to spoil that little guy rotten!

  27. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC says:

    Congratulations to you and your son and daughter-in-law. But I’ve got to ask – did you have him when you were ten years old? No way you are old enough to have a grandbaby. No. Way.

    Know you’ll have a wonderful time getting ready for that little love!

  28. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    You an Anne are so very lucky to care about each other! These are so awesome!!! Bernie said stop giving me baby fever though, lol!!!

  29. Congratulations!!

  30. what a wonderful way to get such fantastic news. congrats to the grandma to be thanks

  31. Congrats on becoming a grandma!! It is SO fun! I was 41 when I became a grandma to a wonderful little boy that will turn 10 in October!! His brother will be 3 in November…AND…we are having another bundle of joy in September! As we do NOT know the gender…YET…I am so THRILLED with this idea! Now, if I can only talk my daughter into it! She is so determined to find out the gender ASAP because she desperately wants a baby girl! In our house it is all THINK PINK:) Maybe I will make cookies and post the gender on my FB page by creating exactly what you just did with yours! Thank you for the great idea and all the other great things you’ve posted and/or created:)

    • Hi Susan! It is so nice to hear about your grandchildren. Congrats on the new arrival in September! I will try to find you on Facebook so I can find out the gender with everyone! That will be so exciting!

  32. Congratulations! My grandson just turned 1 in March -it is so exciting and I can tell you that being a Gramma is awesome and you will love it too!

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