Bluebird Cookies-Guest Post by Sugar Belle

I have a wonderful surprise for you today!!! Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle is here to share one of her pretty cookies with us! She is an awesome cookie artist and she has taught me SO MUCH about decorating! Her tutorials always make that little light bulb over my head go off because of her creativity. She is going to share how to make bluebird cookies with us! Take it away Callye!

It’s the first day of spring which means that things are about to get very busy for Lisa at camp. So, I’m here today to keep you entertained while she’s out mowing, painting, and doing all the other fun stuff that comes along with running a camp.

I have a little spring fever myself so today I’m going to make pretty little bluebird cookies.

Bluebird Cookies For the actual cookie you can use one of MANY cutters. This time I chose a pretty paisley cutter I got from Ecrandal. I used the small cutter (about 3″) but any of them will work. However, Global Sugar Art carries a set of three that I love, and if you’re in a bind, you can even use a balloon cutter. Any of these will make great bluebird cookies.

To make these bluebird cookies you will need:

  • bright blue piping and flood icing {I used a couple drops of sky blue mixed with a touch of turquoise}
  • black sugar pearls
  • black Americolor gel
  • a tiny paintbrush {I used a #0 liner}
  • yellow 20-second icing
  • a tiny bit of white icing for highlighting the eye {optional}

Begin by outlining and filling the cookie.

Quickly, while the flooded area is still wet, use tweezers to add candy bead eyes. I like to use candy beads because it saves me from having to mix a bag of black icing.

Let the bluebird cookies dry for 3-4 hours, then use a #1.5 tip to pipe on a wing design. You can be creative with this. I usually just do what strikes my fancy that day. At this point the cookie needs to dry completely, whether it be for a few more hours or overnight.

When the bluebird cookies are dry, it’s time to add the details. It doesn’t really matter what order you work in. I chose to add eyelashes first. Sometimes edible markers are not fine enough for things like eyelashes. In this case, I like to paint them on with food color and a VERY fine paintbrush. I work out of a saucer filled with a tiny bit of water and a dot of gel color.

If you would like to know what brushes I use, click here. When you’re ready to add the lashes, wet the brush a bit, wipe off the excess water, then dip it lightly in the food color. Practice on the plate a few times BEFORE you start painting on the bluebird cookies, and it would probably be a good idea to have a wet towel nearby.

Hold your breath for this part…

Tiny lashes always make me nervous! Anyhow, if you made it this far, you’re almost finished. Use the yellow 20-second icing to make a beak, and white icing to add a highlight to the eye. I used piping icing and a #1.5 tip because I had some on hand, but if you don’t, just use a toothpick to dot a little on right out of the bowl.

Let the completed bluebird cookies dry for an hour or two and you’re done.

Tada! Simple Sweet bluebirds cookies that are sure to please!

Thanks for letting me hang out at your place, Lisa! If y’all have bluebird fever like I do, head on over to my place for even more birdy fun!

Thanks so much Callye!! You are making the world a better place one beautiful cookie at a time! You have made my day!!!!

Do something nice for yourself today and go to Sweet Sugar Belle! She is one of the most creative people I have ever met and you WILL BE INSPIRED!!! Go look at the cute bluebirds she made out of Jordan Almonds on her site today!! She has creativity coming out of her ears so be ready to die from cuteness!!

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Happy Creating,


  1. says

    These are SOOO cute!! Do you know I passed up a paisly-ish cutter at a yardsale for 10 cents thinking I would have no use for them??? Live and learn!

    Thanks for sharing!!

      • says

        Yes! I’m glad i’m not the only one – then I saw a post about bending re-shaping cutters. Next hoarders episode, Suzanne and all her cookie cutters!

  2. Janine E says

    These are too cute! Callye, I’m trying to learn when to use want consistency icing. I was wondering why you did not use 20-second icing for the bird’s body.

  3. says

    These are so stinkin cute! I love that you showed how to do the eyelashes and that it makes even you nervous! I bet you could use a wet cotton swab to clean it off the icing if you weren’t happy with it. I’m just guessing because I’ll need a way out when I mess it up! I’ll have to be on the look out for a paisley cutter. Callye you always make me want to make cookies NOW!

  4. Sarah (Canterbury Cakes) says

    These are deceptively simple and absolutely gorgeous! Callye you never fail to impress. I’m glad I’m not the only one who holds her breath when icing…I have to make a conscious effort to breathe so I don’t pass out LOL

  5. says

    Bluebirds are the best. :)

    Lisa…..I’m so happy Callye was able to make your day.

    And Callye…..your cute little version makes me sing. They’re simple and yet absolutely adorable. :))))))

  6. victoria says

    Oh these are so cute. Love the lovely shade of blue. Went to order a paisley cookie cutter and they have three sizes at Ecrandal. Would these sweet bluebirds be made with the largest size?

  7. Erika says

    I love these cookies. I made these for a birthday party favor for a friend. I have a problem though. My black pearl candies bled into the royal icing. What can I do to fix this and why did it happen!?! I am sad because they looked nearly perfect before this happened and now I look like I have sad birdies :(

    • Lisa says

      Hi Erika! I talked to Sweet Sugar Belle and she said make your icing with less water and dry the cookies with a fan. If your icing is thin the candy might bleed! I am so sorry that happened to your cookies!!!

      Once Sugar Belle did the fan tutorial, I always dry my cookies that way and hardly ever have a problem with bleeding.

  8. Brittany Farabee says

    SOOO stinking cute?? What is the size of the cookie cutter? On the Ecrandal website there is a small, medium and large?

    • Lisa says

      Sweet Sugar Belle made these cookies. She said she used the small cutter. It is about 3″ or so but, any of the cutters will work with this tutorial.

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