Polar Bear Cookies with a Baby Cutter

Simple Polar Bear Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.com

It was in the 70’s here this week! What in the world is going on with our weather? I want to go throw snowballs, make snowmen and snow angels. I even have a plan for a polar bear snowman! I am going to give him big feet and funny hair! All I need is snow to put my plan in action! Hehe I guess I will have to settle for these polar bear cookies instead.

Polar Bear Cookies Decorated Christmas Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.comOh well, until then, I will make a cookie version of my cold little friend! I have all my fingers and toes crossed hoping it will get cold enough to snow.  Cross your fingers for me!

Supplies for Polar Bear Cookies:

This Cookie Cutter
Red 15 Second Icing
White 15 second Icing
4 mm Black Beads
Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe

Polar Bear Cookie You might recognize this cutter. It is Karen’s Baby Cutter but, I adjusted it a little. I cut off the ears and moved them to the top of the head so it would look more like a bear instead of a baby. If you chill the dough before you cut it, it is super easy and you won’t misshape the dough. It makes a perfect polar bear cookie.

Polar Bear CookiesFirst, outline the bear body and feet with the white icing. Have fun with the outline. I wanted a furry look so I made the edges a little jagged but, I think it would be really cute if he had smooth edges also.

Polar Bear CookiesThen, outline the arms and the top of the feet.
Next, with a food safe marker, draw the top of the heart.

Polar BearWith the white icing, flood the face (not the nose) and feet. While the face is wet, add the 4mm beads for the eyes. If you don’t  have the beads, you can use black icing. Let this dry for about 20 minutes.

Polar Bear CookiesI accidentally flooded the nose on this one! You can flood his face all white and then add the nose on top or leave a spot for the nose and just use black.

Then, flood the arms and let it dry for a few minutes before flooding the rest of the body. Once your polar bear cookie is flooded, let it dry overnight and then add the heart and nose. I forgot to take a picture of that part so please forgive me. I think I was designing a snow lady polar bear for this guy. *Sigh! If it would only snow!

Simple Polar Bear  CookiesSince there isn’t any snow to play in, I will bake more polar bear cookies tomorrow! That will make me feel better!

If you are looking for a furry version of a polar bear, click here!

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  1. Such an awesome idea … this little guy captured my heart!

  2. SO cute!! His big, ‘ol nose gets me :) It has been warm here in Virginia too, but it’s supposed to start cooling down again. Thank goodness, since one of my favorite things about winter is wearing sweaters!! :)

  3. He’s so sweet he melts my heart! And right now my heart is frozen with only 17 degrees here in Colorado!

  4. It’s unseasonably mild here too but I’ll take it. Your polar bear cookies are the cutest!

  5. Your polar bear is just adorable! Maybe he should move here to the central coast of CA…our weather is crazy cold, for us anyway…highs in the 50’s and lows in the 20’s?!?

  6. These guys are super sweet, their scruffy fur being my favorite element. So cute!

  7. ahhh how amazing are these,soo cute! Its feeeezing here in Ireland, I would LOVE some warm weather! Lets swap lives for a day LOL :)

  8. Cute bears, Lisa!! I love the shagginess of them! It’s finally in the 30’s here in Seattle, but no snow yet. I could use a snow day or two from work. 😛

  9. So cute Lisa! We’re gonna be in the 30’s tonight in Texas. The weather is doing strange stuff this year.

  10. Janine -sugarkissed.net says:

    Total cuties!

  11. Hello! Here in Bucharest, where I live, we have plenty of snow since it was snowing the entire weekend so come visit! I’m sure these polar bears would also fit right in :)

  12. Awwwwwww… so darn CUTE! Of course, I’ve always loved your bear logo design and this little guy is just as cute. I just wanna give him a big hug…. and then bite his head off.. haaaaaaaa.

  13. Just adorable, Lisa! I just saw this as a thumbnail on Flickr and knew that it had to be yours! Love him!!

  14. hi, you said not to flood the nose but the next picture after had his whole face flooded…? i wanna try him so please clarify! you are so talented!! thx

    • So sorry Shelby! I added this statement to the post:
      “I accidentally flooded the nose on this one! You can flood his face all white and then add the nose on top or leave a spot for the nose and just use black.”

      So sorry:)

  15. Hi Lisa! I’ve only been decorating cookies for a few months and am always inspired by your ideas. I was totally tickled when I saw this post – I had just finished making bear cookies using the same baby cutter! I made mine teddy bears and they were holding blue hearts (in celebration of my new nephew – Yay!) but the general idea is the same. I feel like I’m finally finding my cookie groove thanks to all your wonderful tutorials! Thanks for sharing your talent! I did encounter a problem and was wondering if you might have an idea as to what might have happened. On this particular batch of cookies my royal icing got REALLY hard. I’ve never had this happen before and the only thing I can think of is I used a different brand of meringue powder than usual. Do you think this might be the cause? Any suggestions you have would truly be appreciated! =)

  16. Felicia F. says:

    By all means, come to Va if you want to throw snowballs. Most of us would rather be where it is 70 degrees!!!!!!!!! I love your work!!!

  17. I adore these little guys!! Lurv!!!!

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