Valentine Altoids DIY

It is almost the season of LOVE and time to be prepared! I was not a girl scout but, I want to be prepared for any moment that my cute hubby might feel the need to give me a little kissy poo! So I made a bunch of valentine Altoids.

Heart AltoidsNow I am ready with my little tin of Pink valentine Altoids that are peppermint flavored Hearts. I couldn’t stop there so I also made these…

1A Red MintsCinnamon Red Heart flavored valentine Altoids! YUM I like the cinnamon better then peppermint but, I was the girl in high school that was addicted to Atomic Fireballs! I always had a pocket full.

Valentine Altoids Supply List:

Marshmallow Fondant
AmeriColor Food Color Gel of your choice or from here or here.
Bubble Tea Straw
Candy Oil Flavor
Tylose Powder

If you want to make these, you can find the recipe here.

Bubble Tea StrawYou don’t need a tiny cookie cutter for these. All you need is a Bubble tea Straw (fatter than a drinking straw) and give it a little bend and pinch. It will make the cutest little hearts.

Homemade Breath MintsI have to warn you, a little fondant makes a TON of hearts.

Altoids-BoxHave you ever bought Altoids? Do you know that cute little piece of parchment paper that covers the mints? Let’s make one! Use the one that came in the Altoids box as a template so you cut the right size.

Decorative-Parchment-PaperGrab a stencil and your airbrush gun and make a cute design. Just tape plastic wrap to the stencil and cover your paper so you only spray the area inside the stencil. I had to use a little tape for help. If you tape your cutout, it could rip so be careful. You could also use decorative scissors to make a cute edge.

Decorated Parchment PaperI have my little box of mints and I am ready for the season of LOVE! Are you going to make yourself or your sweetie some valentine Altoids for that kissable moment you might share?

Click here for cute Snowman Mints.

Happy Creating,



  1. ACK! You are SO clever!

  2. Sharon(The Plaid Cookie Co.) says:

    Oh my goodness, Lisa…these made me giggle out loud! I love them!(especially the cinnamon ones) And I knew we were kindred spirits…I loved atomic fireballs then, and…well, come to think of it, I STILL LOVE THEM!! The hotter the better. So hot that you have to take them out of your mouth, or at least hold them between your teeth so your tongue can cool!! Ha! Loved this post!!

    • We should Skype each other to see who can hold an Atomic Fireball in their mouth the longest!! The only tip is to wear waterproof mascara! LOL

  3. Such a cute and sweet idea, Lisa!!

  4. And a great excuse to drink boba, too! All around a good idea 😉

  5. So sweet!! Love the extra detail of the airbrushed parchment liner.

  6. Lene/Not Your Everyday Cookie says:

    oh my gosh! I LOVE these! I am a huge cinnamon fan and am ALWAYS disappointed when I buy that tiny tin of cinnamon altoids. I DEFINITELY will be giving these a go!

    • Hey Lene, you can put as much cinnamon or other hot oil in it as you want! I have not been super brave yet to get the “Atomic Fire” yet but, I will! LOL

  7. I LOVE THESE! I am STILL addicted to Fireballs and might need one now, LOL!

  8. I am sick and only have a few minutes where I can look at a computer screen. These are what I’m using my miutes on!! (Confirmed with the FLU – UGH!!!) I LOVE them and I have some little tins that would make a perfect favor for an upcoming bridal shower I’m hosting.

  9. Super cute idea, Lisa. That bubble tea straw heart cutter is genius! Like you, I’d go for the hot cinnamon (cinnamon anything, really).

  10. You are just so clever! So very, very cute! I always love seeing what you come up with!

  11. These are adorable!

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