Simple Green Punch Recipe

I wanted a green punch recipe for St. Patrick’s Day but, I didn’t want any green punch recipe. I wanted a “Simple Green Punch Recipe” and I remembered my friend made one a few years ago and she added all sorts of things to it. It was delicious but, way to complicated for me.

Simple Green Punch Recipe by The Bearfoot BakerI looked around the the kitchen to see what I had and found 3 ingredients that would work perfectly. Feel free to add more if you want to jazz it up a bit. I mean if you want to add lime, kiwi, olives, green eggs and ham, a frog or anything else green, be my guest. I actually think green frogs floating on top for a boy’s birthday party would be cute. I don’t like green olives or green eggs and ham so I will stick to the basics.

Best Friends for Frosting made festive Holiday Eggnog Shooters with a gold rim and I knew it would be perfect for this green punch recipe.

Green Punch Recipe:

Green Punch Recipe

Green Punch Recipe


2 liters of ginger ale
1 can (46 oz) of pineapplejJuice
2 quarts of lime sherbet
2 drops of green food coloring (optional)


Pour the pineapple juice in a punch bowl.
Then, add the lime sherbet.
Pour the ginger ale on top of the sherbet.
If you want your punch a little greener, add a few drops of food coloring.

Green-PunchPrepare the glasses by dipping the rim in lemon juice and them roll it in gold disco dust. I didn’t want a mouth full of disco dust so I used these cute paper straws and sprinkled edible gold glitter on top.

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  1. says

    Great photo and idea Lisa! Reminds me in appearance of the Green Rivers we would drink when I was a kid. A little 7-up and grenadine syrup at the corner drug store’s soda counter. Wow. Did THAT memory just make me sound ancient or what?!

  2. Tranace says

    Great Idea! My Son Birthday is next week….his theme is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I’m going to make this for him!!!!!

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