Coffee Cookies-We’re the Perfect Blend!

I love my husband! He takes me to Starbucks for coffee at least once a week and we both get googly eyed and look madly deeply into to our cell phones! You thought I was going to say eyes didn’t you?

We're the Perfect Blend ValentineWell, it works for us! He plays games and I text like a teenager. If that does’t say we are the perfect blend then, nothing w

You Make Me Warm and Cozy Valentine!I guess I could have said, “You make me warm and COZY!” Get it? Cozy! OK, enough corny Valentine’s and on to the cookies!

Supplies for Coffee Cookies:

Red Outline and Flood Icing
Tan Outline and Flood Icing
White 15 Second Icing
Dark Brown 15 Second Icing 
Button and Flower Royal Icing Transfers
Royal Icing Recipe

I wanted mocha cookies so I used Created by Diane’s  Peppermint Mocha Cut out Cookies. Since it is Valentine’s Day, I decided not to add the peppermint. They are really good if you want to give them try.

Coffee CookiesI will admit it, I hand cut these. I don’t like it one bit but, since I was only making a few, it didn’t kill me. I have great news for you though, Klickitat Street made some coffee cup cookies and she was way smarter then me! Check out how she used a cupcake cutter and a wedding cake cutter to make two different to go coffee cups. She is so smart!

With the tan outline icing, outline the cozy part of the cookie.
Then, with the white icing, outline the lid.

The Perfect Blend CookiesNext, with the red outline icing, outline the cup.

How to stop Icing from BleedingI have a tip to help reduce the icing from bleeding. When you outline the red, leave a very small space between it and the other colors. Try to get it as close as possible so it won’t look bad but, your cookie will be safe from bleeding. This won’t work for all designs but, it  works for this cookie.

The Perfect Blend CookiesNext, with the tan flood icing, flood the cozy. Since your icing isn’t touching, you can go ahead and flood the rest of the cookie without waiting for it to dry.

Starbucks Coffee Cookies With the red flood icing, flood the cup.
Then, flood the rest of the lid with the white icing.
Now let this dry for about an hour or so before you start the burlap cozy.

Coffee Shop CookiesThe inspiration for this burlap came from Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle. I had a cow when I saw these Burlap Bunny Cookies! I knew I wanted to make something burlap someday and today is that day.

Valentine's Day Cookies

Coffee Cozy CookieWhen you are done, it will look like this. I want to make everything burlap now. I promise, I will try to restrain myself.

All you need to finish are a royal icing button and flower. You should make these ahead of time so they will be ready when you make the cookies. For a royal icing tutorial, click here. Ali Bee’s Bake Shop has a great ribbon rose tutorial here. Just make it as big as you want and attach it to the burlap.

Coffee Bean CookiesNow for the coffee beans. I found a circle the size I wanted and smooched it.
Outline and flood the bean in 2 parts. The good thing about these is, they don’t need to be the same. Have fun with them.

Coffee Bean CoffeeI told my hubby how much I love him now it is time for me to tell you! I love ya more than coffee! And that is a lot baby! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Want some more Java?
Brenda’s Cakes Ohio-Coffee Cookies
The Decorated Cookie- Happiness liquefied: Iced Coffee and Coffee Bean Cookies
Kimsmom76- Edible Tea or Coffee Cup Cookies
Happy Creating,



  1. The detail on these is just gorgeous, Lisa! LOVE the burlap effect and then the button/rose details? I’m dying from the cuteness!

  2. Love it, Lisa!
    Very clever!

  3. A few comments from me today: (1) Love the idea of pepper mocha cookies. Yummm. I’m going to check that recipe out! (2) Your cellphone joke was spot on 😉 (3) Your burlap turned out great! So intricate and makes such a nice impact!

  4. I need to try this burlap technique, so many things to try. Love the photos!

  5. Too cute! Love the new Pinterest pin it button!


  6. Oh Lisa – you make me smile! I love Starbucks and I love that you two look deeply into your cell phones!! Now as for these cookies, they are spot on perfection. I want your energy – I need your energy… :)

  7. Such lovely cookies!! I love these cozy mugs :)

  8. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    My new fave…I think I say that every time you post, lol!

  9. Icing Princess says:

    Love these….especially the beans! Thank you for sharing.

  10. I just love this idea. The cookies are ADORABLE and the presentation is perfect. I really enjoy when cookiers get creative when they photograph the cookies and these made me SMILE :)

  11. Fabulous! Love, love, love those coffee beans and your burlap tutorial is pretty cool too!

  12. Sweet cookies and fantastic piping for the burlap effect!

  13. OMG, these are both just so cute and very creative. I love them!!! Awesome job and thanks so much for sharing.

  14. I love these! The cups… the beans… even your natural wood & metal dish!! Awesome job!

  15. These are ADORABLE…I have done cups before, but never thought of making the little coffee beans. Love it! You do amazing work…thanks for sharing!

  16. Awwww! Googly eyes. Such a sweet little story! Love these cookies….that burlap is unbelievable. Love the added coffee bean cookies as well as your fabulous photos. I’ll have to give that recipe a try as well….sounds yummy!!!

  17. I still cannot get over the burlap on these! Great designs and such the cute play on words too!

  18. That looks like a lot of work, but so fun when you see such fantastic results! Well, worth the effort! You have a steady hand to bring the piping so close, but not touching~wow!

  19. Janine says:

    Oh the patience you have to do that burlap pattern! It looks amazing!

  20. Hi Lisa,
    Your talent always leaves me speechless. These are beyond gorgeous! Love them and so going to make them for the teachers for love you latte on Feb 14 in my daughter’s school. Will post you the snaps.
    BTW, tried the red cardinal birds from your blog. Looking super cute! Will share pics.
    Thanks for sharing your work. You are a genius!!!

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