Flour Sifter for Baking Cookies

Do you use flour to roll your dough? I didn’t use it until recently because I didn’t want to add any extra flour that would make my dough tough. But I discovered this sifter in my cabinet while spring cleaning and decided it would make a perfect flour sifter for cookies.Flour Sifter by The Bearfoot BakerMy grandmother bought this fine mesh shaker for me a long time ago. I used it for things like cinnamon and sugar and powdered sugar but, never thought about using it for flour. Thank goodness for spring cleaning because I found it stuffed in the back of my spice rack cabinet. I thought I would give it a try and I was very happy with the results.

Flour Sifter by The Bearfoot BakerIt works great because it gives you full control over how much flour you “shake” onto your mat. I don’t want much at all! As a matter of fact, I sprinkled more than I actually use so it would show in this photo. This is the only flour sifter I have used that will allow a super fine layer of flour so my dough doesn’t become tough. The fine mesh allows you to have a very fine layer of flour sprinkled onto your mat.

Flour Sifter by The Bearfoot BakerIf you want to see how I roll out my dough, click here. I still do it the same way but, now I use a little flour to help remove the shapes after they are cut out. I found it is faster and I don’t worry as much about breaking the shapes as I try to remove them for the rest of the dough. I always freeze my dough slightly before I cut my shapes which can make them a little easier to break. I like this method because I don’t distort the shapes when picking them up to place them on the baking sheet.

Anyhow, this handy dandy little flour sifter is my new favorite thing for baking and I wanted to share it with all of you.

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  1. Actually, I have been dusting with icing sugar to roll my cookie dough. I read that trick in Anna Olson’s “Sugar” cookbook, and it works like a dream. Doesn’t add any toughness at all.

    • Thanks for the tip Tanya! I will try that. I can still use my little sifter for that :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jenny Mulhall says:

    First of all; Happy Easter!! :)

    Here’s a wee tip for you… Buy a pair of tights and cut the feet off. Fill one foot with flour and one foot with icing sugar and tie with a ribbon or hair bobbin so you can tell which is which. Now, you’ll only ever use the barest itty bit of flour or sugar to stop things sticking. Just make sure you don’t wear the tights first! LOL!! 😛

    Jenny, Co. Laoise, Ireland.

    • Hahaha! I took a cake decorating class and they had us use cheesecloth for the powdered sugar and corn starch. I never thought to use it that or the tights for this. That is a great tip Jenny! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. What a neat little tool! I totally need one of these :)

  4. I do the exact same thing! I use this one from Pampered Chef and I absolutely love it.
    I have a second one I keep corn starch/powdered sugar mixture in for dusting my homemade marshmallows. :)

    • HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS!! Oh sorry, I got lost in your words! Hahah I am definitely going to buy a couple more. I will check out the pampered chef one. Thanks for the link Carrie!

  5. I have that same flour sifter and I loved it so much I got another for powdered sugar to sprinkle on baked goods! It really is a great tool! :)

    • Now that I am using this one for flour, I need to get another one for powdered sugar. I didn’t realize how much I liked it! Yeah for Spring Cleaning!!!

  6. Janine -sugarkissed.net says:

    What a cool little tool! Do you think it would work for disco dust?

  7. I’ve got a sifter like that too, for flour, and another for cinnamon/sugar:) I also have the rolling pin with the bands for determining dough thickness/uniformity. Great tools!

  8. Hi. Where did you purchase your rolling pin? Thanks.

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