DIY Cake Stand for Under $5

I have an obsession. Well, let me clarify that. I have a few obsessions. I know you can probably guess the first one, cookies. My second obsession is a fairly new one. It is collecting cake stands. I have started looking for them everywhere I go but, after I see the price tag, I usually decide not to buy them. So having the kind of brain that won’t let things go, I decided to make a few DIY cake stand for under $5.

DIY Cake Stand for less than $5 thebearfootbaker.comThe idea hit me when I was in Utah in April and went to a Kitchen store. I found 2 really cute cake stands I wanted but, I didn’t want to pay $30 and take a chance on them getting broke in my suite case. I mean come on, my carry-on held my lap top and classic movies starring Carry Grant and James Stewart and frankly, the cake stand couldn’t entertain me during my long, long layovers, so I had to make a choice to do without the beautiful stands that should be displaying my baked goods. Sigh!

As I sat in the airport, I realized how much I actually wanted those stands but, there really wasn’t anything wonderful about them. I just liked the colors. Then, I realized how much money I could spend on my new collection obsession. The more I thought about it the more I realized I wanted to make my own.

DIY Cake Stand Supplies:

1 Plate
1 Bowl
Glue E600 for Plastic Plates and Bowls
Glass Glue for Glass Plates and Bowls

Simple DIY Cake Stand for Under $5 thebearfootbaker.comI found these plates and bowl at Wal-Mart the other day and I couldn’t get over how cute they were. Each bowl and plate is less than $2.50 and are perfect for a DIY cake stand. I stood in the isle arranging them on the shelf until I found a bowl to match each plate.  These are plastic but I don’t mind because they are so cute. I also found some glass that I liked as well.

Trendy DIY Cake Stand for Under $5 thebearfootbaker.comTo make these cute stands, you need to glue the bowl to the bottom center of the plate. I used a ruler and a Sharpie to mark the center once I found it. Then, I measured the bottom of the bowl and made a few pencil marks where the bowl would go.

Next, add a generous amount of glue to the bowl and place it in the center of the plate. Use a good glue such as E-600 for plastic or glass glue for glass.

Easy DIY Cake Stand for Under $5 thebearfootbaker.comOnce you have glued them, place a few books on them as a weight and let them dry according to the directions on the glue package. I recommend that you hand wash these.

Cute DIY Cake Stands for Under $5 thebearfootbaker.comI also purchased these glass plates at Wal-Mart (under $2.50 each) and knew they would make great DIY cake stands. The shape of the bowl is what sold me. Red, white and blue is great for a  July 4th picnic.

I found some cute plates at the dollar tree also. I used one as a prop in this photo. It worked perfectly and was only $2! Gotta love that price.

DIY Cake Stands for Under $5 by www.thebearfootbaker.comI really like my DIY cake stands and because they are cute, trendy and affordable. They make great hostess gifts. Take a cake or cookies and don’t worry about getting your $30 stand back. All the cake stands you see in this post cost less than $30! Yep! I got 6 for the price of one! Won’t you join my in my new cake stand obsession? You know you want to.

There are a lot of DIY cake stand tutorials on the internet. Here are a few of my favorites: 
i heart naptime-DIY Chandelier Cake Stand
Sweet Sugar Belle-Inexpensive DIY Cake/Cookie Stands
No. 2 Pencil- Do It Yourself Cake Stand 
El Rincón de Bea-How to Make A Cake Stand at Home

Happy Creating


  1. GeminiRJ says

    Lisa, these are so-o-o pretty! I’m going to start keeping my eyes open for interesting plates and bowls! It’ll give me one more thing to hunt for at estate sales.

    • Lisa says

      I love finding things at Estate sales. I try to go every weekend. I have never once found a cake stand! LOL

  2. says

    Such a cute idea…I have done similar two-tier stands using $1 candlesticks, but have never even thought of using a bowl for the base. Love it! And such a great price on the pieces! Now you need to get to baking more cakes to fill them up!!

    • Lisa says

      I am so sorry Marg! I hate when my favorite things bet broke! Maybe you will find or make another one that will become your favorite.

    • Lisa says

      Thanks Mike! I think I will start buying 2 of each so I can keep one and give one away. They would make cute Christmas gifts!

  3. sallyann says

    These look great, i too like the idea of giving them as a gift for the person to keep along with an edible gift.

    • Lisa says

      If you are like me Jennifer, you will never have enough photo props! This is a nice inexpensive way to increase our stock. And for most posts, I can never find the right color to compliment my cookies or cake. Now we have choices!

    • Lisa says

      I am going to make a few with candlesticks now that everyone is talking about them. It would add some height to a dessert table! Thanks for sharing Carrie.

  4. says

    Your cakestands are soooo cute. I hadn’t thought to use upside down bowls, but I’ll be looking for them now. Just wait until you go to a thrift store and check out all the great finds for cake stands. I even made one using a candle holder and an upside down ashtray:
    I’ve never seen the glass glue before but I used the E-6000 (greatest glue IN the world!) on my glass pieces too and it worked great. I can’t wait until we get together next year (probably April) and have a nice long cookie/cake/cakestand/girly-girl chat in person. I love and adore you my sweet friend.

    • Lisa says

      I love your cake stand D.J.! That is awesome and I didn’t know you made it! Thanks so much for sharing and did I read this right? APRIL??? We finally get to meet in APRIL????!!!!!! I am so happy!!!

  5. says

    I think several of us can relate to you with the cake stand obsession! These are so cute – while I’ve made some cake stands in the past, I didn’t really know what glue to use and now I do! Thanks for the info!

    • Lisa says

      I want to see what your brain comes up with Kim! I know it will be spectacular and you will plan the perfect event to showcase it!

    • Lisa says

      Thanks Cindy! I want to be on your Christmas list if you make homemade gifts! I love all things homemade!

      Are you going to bake something to put on the stand or wrap them up in a cute little box?

  6. says

    Love! I’ve done this with small earthenware planters and plates but I’m really liking the idea of using little bowls for the base. The gift idea is a great one.

    • Lisa says

      The bowls are nice and sturdy Paula. I put a very heavy cake on one the other day and it never tipped! Gotta love that!

    • Lisa says

      I agree Brenda! Never ever have enough cake stands. If you ever get tired of one, just bake something pretty and give it as a gift! Win, win!!

  7. Noreen says

    I have to say what a great idea, I was at a market today and picked up a beautiful platter and matching urn style bowl for the princely sum of 2.00. Went online and found that just the plate was over 40.00 so I will have the most gorgeous cake stand for nix, thanks for the inspiration.

    • Lisa says

      I am so glad you are making your own cake stand and what a deal! I would LOVE to see a picture of this $2 cake stand. I am sure it is going to be gorgeous!!

  8. Mary says

    I’m so glad someone else is obsessed with cake plates/stands! My hubby just does not understand my compulsion with them. I’m also into finding domes to go on top of them! I just bought a gorgeous crystal cake stand that would be so perfect for a very formal wedding cake……ok……so we don’t know anyone that is getting married. *throwing hands in air* is that really an issue to anyone other than my hubby?!?!? Lol

    • Lisa says

      My hubby doesn’t understand either! LOL I don’t understand his basketball obsession so I guess we are even! Hahahah

      PS-A wedding will happen and you will get to use your crystal cake stand. ;)

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