Baby Geek Cookies for a Virtual Shower

I have this friend named Jennifer and we have never met in person. We met online and hopefully we will see each other in person one day since our states touch each other. I am in Tennessee and she is in Virginia. Well, Jennifer just had a baby! A sweet little baby girl! I wanted to send her some love and was trying to think of something really cool. Then, my other friends Mike as Semi Sweet and Hani from Haniela’s sent me an email asking if I wanted to join their virtual baby shower for Jennifer. YES!! I want to join! Sign me up.

It as perfect! I was so excited! I was ready to make some baby cookies. As I continued to read the email I noticed the theme was “Baby Geek” and then it happened. I froze. I couldn’t think of anything. I froze like an icicle and lost all feeling in my legs. Once I was able to move my legs again, I walked around the house for days muttering, “Baby Geek Cookies…”, “Baby Geek Cookies…”, “Baby Geek Cookies…”. What was I going to do?Baby Geek Cookies via thebearfootbaker.comThen it hit me! I remembered a few years ago I bought some cookie cutters from Kookie Kulture and I knew what I was going to do.

Supplies for Baby Geek Cookies:

15 Second icing in the following colors in piping bags fitted with #2 tips:

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Flesh
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black

Paint brushes- These are what I used but, you can use whatever works for you:

Black Gel Food Colors
4mm black pearls

Cookie Cutters:

Baby Geek Cookies with www.thebearfootbaker.comWhen a Kookie Kulture head is used on the body of Karen’s Cookie Baby Cutter you get a unique looking baby.

Baby Geek Cookies for a cuter little girl via thebearfootbaker.comWith a food safe marker drawing the pattern onto the cookies. If you take it step by step it is easy.

  • Start with the hair and face. Make your own face and don’t follow the cutter for the chin.
  • Then, draw the feet and shirt.
  • Add the arms and sleeves.
  • Now the diaper and legs.

With the flesh colored icing, paint her tummy. Repeat with the blue for the leg holes of the diaper.

Flood her piggy tails yellow.

Cute Baby Geek Cookies via

  • Outline and flood the face with the flesh colored icing. Don’t forget the ears.
  • Outline and flood the diaper with the white icing.
  • Flood the top of the sleeves with the pink icing.

Let all of those dry for 30 minutes or so.

  • Outline and flood the rest of the hair with yellow icing.
  • Outline and flood the shirt with the pink icing.
  • Outline and flood the feet with the flesh colored icing and add a line for each leg.

Fun Baby Geek Cookies via

  • Outline and flood the arms and the rest of the sleeves.
  • Flood the glasses and add 2 eyes-4mm edible beads and the white lines.
  • Paint a tie with the 10/0 liner brush.

Let this dry overnight.

Adorable Baby Geek Cookies with thebearfootbaker.comAdd every other toe and let it dry for a little before you add the rest. This will make them look like toes instead of a big flesh colored blob.

Now comes the fun part for me. I love to paint outlines with black food gel. It adds so much character and I don’t have to worry about black icing bleeding onto the icing. Follow the picture to outline the hair, clothes and diaper. Add a cute nose and smile. Don’t forget the belly button.

Adorable Baby Geek Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comWith the black icing, outline the glasses and add a little white tape to them.

Simple Baby Geek Cookies www.thebearfootbaker.comWe all know geek babies don’t have regular old toys. No, no, no! They need screwdriver rattles, element blocks and a computer mouse pull toy. You never know when they might need to invent something important.

Adorable Baby Geek Cookies made by www.thebeafootbaker.comIf you are not comfortable painting on a cookie, I won’t make you. These cookies look alright if you don’t paint but, look at how much difference a few painted outlines make. I think it makes a HUGE difference! Be brave and try it one day. If you mess up, don’t give up. Keep practicing and you will master it just like you did that darn old royal icing. You can do it!

Look at all the love my friends are sending Jennifer and her little bundle of joy. I love all these cookies! There is some seriously talented decorators in this shower and it was an honor to participate with them.


1. Geek Baby Girl Owl Cookies by Melissa from Simply Sweets by Honey Bee
2. Robot Girl Cookies by Michelle from  Make Me Cake.Me.
3. Hunger Games Baby Shower Cookies by Mike from Semi Sweet
4. Baby Rattle Calculator by Hani from Haniela’s
5. Geek Chic Cookies by Kim from The Partiologist
6. Geeky Sugar Cookies  by Sue from Munchkin Munchies
7. Baby Geek Cookies by Lisa from The Bearfoot Baker

Go show Jennifer and her new little bundle of joy some love today at Not Your Mommas Cookies. We love you Jennifer!

While you are at it, hop on over to all the blogs in this virtual shower. You will find amazing things on all of thier blogs. They are incredibly  talented!

Bear hugs,



  1. Oh how Cute! You all did a wonderful job! The little belly peaking through…the tie…the pocket protector….total geeky baby for sure!

  2. You are too brilliant for words Lisa. Totally love these cuties!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    You are an artist! I am in love with your cookies. ADORABLE!!!

  4. Lisa they are absolutely perfect, I love them! Totally perfect for Jennifer’s little bundle of joy!

  5. These are so cute! Never in a millon years would I have come with these ideas.

  6. Awww these are so cute and absolutely perfect!! Jennifer will love these. It is so nice of you guys to celebrate her little bundle of joy :)

  7. You have outdone yourself, Lisa! Jennifer is going to go bonkers over these cookies! EVERY detail is perfect, but I especially adore the marker details and the TOES!

  8. Lisa – these baby geek cookies are just incredible! You are so creative and I love that you encourage us to keep on keeping on!

  9. Wow Lisa! These are incredible! First off, they totally make me giggle, which is a great thing! The wild hair, the giant glasses, they’re just perfect!! I love all the work you put into these. They really are just perfect in general and perfect for Jennifer! :)

  10. Wow — the level of detail on these is incredible! I’m especially impressed by the glasses and the crazy “mad scientist” hair. Too cute!

  11. Lisa, your baby set is incredible! Each piece is so creative and adorably geeky. Love that baby cookie- especially all the tiny details you added! Just makes me smile and giggle at those little faces. Thank you so much for contributing to this fun project!

  12. Lisa – seriously, oh my gosh! This is one of my favorite sets ever!! Not just because they are for my sweet little girl, but because they are just so awesome! You are amazing – thank you so much :)

  13. **Stamps feet** I want to decorate cookies like you…no seriously I do! These are beyond incredible! I have only just started cookie decorating (well I haven’t even made my first cookie set yet) and was practicing icing using your turkey templates yesterday (they are so cool) but they didn’t exactly come out right. I was on the border of giving in to the fact that I was just no good when i saw this post and remembered my resolve that one day I want to be able to decorate cookies like this…so I will go back to practicing :) Hey, want to come to Italy??? It’s nice here….and my husbands a chef….he can cook yummy food while you teach me how to ice cookies :) Have a great day! Jo

  14. Lisa, I LOVE THEM! That little baby cookie omg, so cute. I don’t know why but I think of it as little baby chemist cookie. I hope you have a restful weekend. Thank you so much for being part of this project.

  15. Beyond adorable, Lisa! Combining the cookie cutters was brilliant and I love All the hand drawn details!

  16. I am SPEECHLESS right now…these are quite possibly the cutest cookies I have ever seen! And I LOVE that you “drew” on some of the features! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!

  17. Traci Herren says:

    These are seriously CUTE!!! I love them! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Katydoescookies says:

    Amazing, Lisa!!!! If she had red hair she would be my middle daughter completely. I laughed out loud when I saw them and promptly fell in love with them. Just too cute for words!!! –Katy

  19. these are so awesome!!! I’m a geek too!

  20. Jennifer is adorable with a wonderful blog and her little baby is beautiful! I’m pretty sure Jennifer’s jaw dropped (just like mine) when she saw your phenomenal cookies. BRAVO!

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