Creepy 3D Spider Cookies

I can tell it is almost Fall because the spiders are moving in! Every time I walk into my living room or kitchen, they scurry across the floor. Some of them are not small either. They are as big as a watermelon! OK, maybe not that big but, they might as well be! Let me just say I love nature! I do! I love it! I love it as long as it stays OUTSIDE!! … [Read more...]

Time “Flies”

Summer is almost over and I can't believe how "Time Flies!" Seriously! It is AUGUST! Summer Camp was amazing but, my kitchen missed me and I missed it!! I have so many ideas "flying" around in my head and I am so energized about baking that I am going CRAZY MAD with excitement!! Now, I am not "Tom Cruze jump on Oprah's couch Crazy Mad" but, I can't … [Read more...]

Ruffled Butterfly Cookies

I saw a swimsuit at camp this year that made me giddy! A super cute camper had it on and it had the cutest ruffled butterfly on the front. My head started spinning with ideas on how to make it into a cookie. This is how I find inspiration. I constantly look at things around me and find cute things that are begging to be created into a cookies. … [Read more...]

Ant Cookies That Stand up!

I love ants! They are small but super strong! I want to be like an ant! Small and powerful! I want to have the power to make cute little ant cookies that stand up all by themselves! Hey! Wait a minute!!! We Do have the power to make ant cookies that stand up all by themselves! Don't you just love making cookies? You can make frogs, simple pretty … [Read more...]