Bluebird Royal Icing Transfers with Free Pattern

I finally did it! I made more royal icing transfers. Bluebird royal icing transfers to be exact. Do you want to know something? They look great as little bluebirds but they also look great if you make them with red icing.

bluebird royal icing transfers

free bluebird pattern

See! I bet yellow and orange birds would look good also. Or maybe green or purple. You know what? I want to make some kind of deal where I show you my red and bluebirds and you show me the colors you make. How does that sound? Just tag me on Facebook or #thebearfootbaker on Instagram or send me an email. I would love to see them!

Blue Bird Royal Icing Transfers

Supply List:
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FREE Bluebird Templates:
  • Wax Paper
  • Thick Royal Icing in the color(s) of your choice
  • Decorating tip #6, #8 or #10
  • Yellow Icing for the beak
  • Black Nonpareil Sprinkles. Or you can use a drop of black icing if you prefer.
  • Tape to Secure the Pattern and Tape
Prepare your template:

how to make royal icing transfers

  • Print the pattern and tape it to a flat surface like the back of a baking sheet, cutting board, or a piece of foam board.

bluebird cookie decorations

  • Next, cover it with a piece of wax paper and tape it in place. Make sure it doesn’t have wrinkles so you can see your bluebird pattern.
Time to decorate:bluebirds with thick royal icing
  • Then, make the birds by piping a dot inside the pattern and let the icing build up a little so it will have a nice round head.

how to pipe bluebirds with thick royal icing

  • As you pull the tip to one side release pressure and end with a quick little pull so it’ll make a nice teardrop shape.

Cute Bluebird Royal Icing Decorations

  • If you do it right it’ll have a little tail, but as you can see not all of mine do. That’s alright because I think they are cute with our without the tip of the tail.

Make Bluebird Royal Icing Transfers

  • While they are wet add the nonpareil for the eye.

Edible Bluebird Cookie Decorations

  • And don’t forget the beak. One little yellow dot is all you need to make your cute little birds.

Simple Royal Icing Bluebirds

  • As you can see these are not all perfect and fit within the template, but that is alright. I wanted things to go fast and wasn’t so worried about being perfect. When you pipe teardrops with thick icing they are going to look a little different, but if you want them to look exactly alike you can use 15-second icing and use the template to make them precise.

Royal Icing Transfers

I think they would be cute as kissing birds sitting on a tree branch, so print the pattern for the one facing left, and the one facing right. Won’t these be cute for Valentine’s Day?

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