Confetti Cookies in Fun Favor Bottles

Simple Confetti Cookies in fun Favor Bottles | The Bearfoot Baker

I am all about party favors for my guests as long as they are simple,  fun and unique. That is why I love these confetti cookies. Place some mini sugar cookies in a cute little favor tube and you have a unique favor your guest will remember.Confetti Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

If you don’t want to use royal icing to decorate the confetti cookies you don’t have to. You can color the sugar cookie dough before you bake it, add sprinkles to the dough or do both. These confetti cookies are simple, fun and you can make them any way you like.Confetti Cookies for the New Year | The Bearfoot Baker

Supplies for Confetti Cookies:

Cookie Recipe:
Sugar Cookie Recipe

Cookie Cutters:
Mini Square Cookie Cutter
Mini Circle Cookie Cutter

Decorating Supplies: 
AmeriColor Gold and Lemon Yellow Food Gel Colors

Glass or Plastic Tubes to hold your cookies (I found these at Hobby Lobby)
Cork lid for each tube
Avery Full Sheet (8 1/2″ x 11″) Labels
Simple Confetti Cookies for Party Favors or New Year's | The Bearfoot BakerDo you remember the tutorial on how to color cookie dough? Do you remember the recipe where I showed you how to add sprinkles to dough to make sprinkle sugar cookies? I hope you do because today we are going to use information from three tutorials to make these simple confetti cookies.

  • Begin by making a batch of sugar cookie dough.
  • Add a few drops of AmeriColor Gold food gel and AmeriColor Lemon Yellow food gel to the dough to get this yellowish gold color. Mix until well combined.
  • Add some black nonpareils to the dough and mix again until they are well incorporated throughout the dough. I didn’t measure so I am not exactly sure how much you should add. I just sprinkled a little at a time until it looked right to me.
  • You can add some black nonpareils to the top of the unbaked cookie dough and gently press it down with your hand. You can see the cookies in the bowl above that have the nonpareils in the dough and the cookies with the nonpareils placed on top of the dough. You don’t have to do both but I think it adds a little something if you mix it up a little.
  • Cut the shapes and bake according to the recipes directions.

How to Make Confetti Cookies for Party Favors | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Do you remember the Free Printable New Year Labels I shared with you the other day? You need to print some onto a full sheet of label paper.

I use labels like this all the time. Since the entire sheet is sticky on the back you can cut any size or shape you need. I found mine at my local office supply store but there is a link under the supply list if you need it. If you order it right now you probably won’t get it before New Year’s day so check your locals stores.

How to Make Confetti Cookie Party Favors | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Cut the labels out for your little bottles.

Cute Confetti Cookies for Party Favors | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Peal the back piece off of the label and place the labels on your bottles.

Confetti Cookies for Simple Party Favors | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Fill the bottles with your cute little confetti cookies and add the cork cap on the top.

Simple Confetti Cookies | The Bearfoot BakerNow you have some cute party favors to pass out at your New Year’s Party. These babies are good for more than New Year’s favors. You could cut mini balloons and hats for a birthday party, Easter bunnies and mini eggs for Easter and mini hearts for Valentine’s Day. The possibilities are endless.  Confetti Cookies for Party Favors | The Bearfoot BakerI am not sure how many little mini cookies are in each jar but it is enough to make your guests happy.Make Some Fun Confetti Cookies for Party Favors | The Bearfoot BakerI love coloring cookie dough and skipping the royal icing sometimes. It helps things move a little faster without waiting on icing to dry. You can totally decorate them with royal icing if you want, but since it’s New Year’s and we ate all those decorated Christmas cookies last week, I decided to leave the royal icing off of these and just enjoy the good tasting sugar cookies. The way my mined works is that will be a few less pounds I have to lose for my New Year’s goal! 😉

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a year filled with love, laughter, and happiness!

Bear hugs,