Cookie Planner with Order Forms

Did you all think I’d run away or have been hiding under the bed? Let me say with Covid-19 I’ve thought about it, but I’m being brave and working hard on a project I’ve been dreaming about for years. Guess what? It’s done!

2021 Cookie Planner, Planer, cookie order forms, doodle page, The Bearfoot Baker

Ever since I started decorating cookies I’ve dreamed about something that will make things easier. Being organized is great, but I need a few tools to help me do that. Well, this week I’ve finished my project, accomplished my goal, and now it’s time to share it with you. Say hello to my Cookie Planner with Order Forms that you can print yourself for only $4.99!

I’ll finally be organized!
2021 Cookie Planner, Planer, cookie order forms, doodle page, The Bearfoot Baker

I can’t wait to take an order. Now, just to be clear, I don’t sell cookies because I’m a blogger and that’s what I love doing. However, sometimes people ask me to make cookies like these Mason Jar Cookies for an event. When they tell me what they want and need I often grab a piece of paper or a notebook and jot everything down.

Well, as you can imagine I lose the paper or waste my time trying to find the random page where I scribbled the information in one of my notebooks. Those days are finally over because I have a planner that will help me with daily tasks, cookie life, and cookie orders.

What do I need?

If you order this planner you may need to purchase a few things to put it together. To print your planner on a half sheet of paper you can purchase a 6 ring notebook and A5 Filler Paper to make the process simple. The A5 paper I’ve linked to has the holes punched for you so all you need to do is print and add it to the binder. Speaking of binders, the link will guide you to an Amazon page where there are color choices so you can pick the one that makes you happy!

I’ve added the links below to help you find what I used. You don’t have to use these exact things, but it will show you what to look for.

Supply List for Cookie Planner with Order Forms:
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Let’s take a look at the binder.

2021 Cookie Planner, Planer, cookie order forms, doodle page, The Bearfoot Baker

A5 Paper,

The A5 paper is great because it already has the holes punched which make things nice, neat, and oh so simple. Using the A5 paper to print the calendar, note, holiday, and cookie doodle pages can’t be simpler if you want a smaller planner. Since the holes are already punched it makes life easy!

If you want to print these on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper just pick that on your printer and you’ll be ready to plan and take orders. The choice is yours!

Hole Punch

Even though the A5 Paper is the perfect size for the Planner Notebook  I decided to purchase a hole punch. The divider pages are printed on cardstock because it’s sturdy and we can add a monthly tab without worrying about the page ripping. Easy access to each month. I’ll share those images on Instagram later today.

I love my Laminator & Laminating Pouches

Laminated things are awesome so why not laminate the envelopes and the cover pages so we can find things faster. The envelopes last longer when they’re laminated and I really like them a lot. We’ll be able to plan and save with these little guys helping us. You don’t have to laminate them, but I’ve included the Amazon link just in case you’re interested.

Cookie Doodle Page

When I started thinking about making a planner there were a few things that I wanted to help with cookie ideas. Included in the printable pages is a Cookie Doodle Page. You can place one at the end of each month or add a few to the back of the notebook. A Cookie Doodle Page is helpful because when an idea comes along you can sketch it while the idea is fresh. If you see something that inspires a cookie, grab your planner, and begin sketching. Since everything is in your planner you’ll always know where to find it. Easy and speedy.

2021 Cookie Planner, Planer, cookie order forms, doodle page, The Bearfoot Baker


Are you still with me? I hope so because I’m about to tell you about some of the helpful envelopes that are included. There is one for receipts, gas, baking supplies, and many more to help keep things organized. I don’t know if you use cash, check, or cards, but I’m sure there are many uses for these envelopes and hope you’ll enjoy getting organized with them. Each one of them was made in Pic Monkey and I loved every minute of it!

I printed, folded, and glued them together, laminated them, and then hole punched them so they can be added to the cookie planner. Laminating them is easy, but you’ll have to carefully cut the slit in the envelope where you slide the slide things inside. Cut it gently and at an angle so you don’t cut the envelope and have to start over.

Why Laminate?

You may think it’s weird to laminate an envelope, but I wanted to make sure it’s secure and won’t come apart. It would be bad to lose cash or a receipt. Adding a velcro button will help keep it closed and everything safe. Just be sure to keep an eye on the velcro so it doesn’t come off at some point.

The buttons haven’t been added yet to these envelopes yet, but they’ve been ordered and will arrive soon. Once they do I’ll post a picture here and on Instagram.

2021 Cookie Planner, Planer, cookie order forms, doodle page, The Bearfoot Baker
Cookie Order Form

Besides a list of holidays and a saving chart, this planner has cookie order forms. That’s right! Cookie order forms so we are ready to take an order anytime we want. If you take orders and make cookies often you may want to order two planner notebooks and divide them. Having a planner and a way to take orders are very helpful tools and might be just what the cookie doctor ordered. There are several colors on Amazon.

Are you excited?

I hope so because making the templates and all the fun stuff has been a blast! If you’re looking for a planner you should check this one out especially if you’re a cookie decorator because the envelopes, order forms, and doodle pages will help keep us focused and on task.  You can get the information and purchase your planner HERE for ONLY $4.99 so you’ll be organized this year.

Bear hugs,