How to Make Fun Simple Decorated Bear Cookies

How to Make Cute Simple and Fun Decorated Bear Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Time for another set of bear cookies! We made How to Make Fun Furry Bear Cookies with a cutter I designed for the American Cookie Cutter Set for Charity earlier this week and that’s just the beginning! Now it’s time to use white royal icing and make decorated bear cookies that look like cute little polar bears.

How to Make Fun Simple Decorated Bear Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Guess what? You can make these bear cookies with any color of royal icing and then add a cookie to represent whatever holiday or theme you want. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, you can add cute little hearts or a box of chocolate candy.

For St. Patrick’s Day, you can add cute green clovers. How about some cute flowers or a beach ball for summer? I think so! I can’t wait to make him holding pumpkins for fall or a turkey for Thanksgiving. Can you tell I’m a little excited? You need to get excited too because we are about to have some FUN!

Fun Simple Decorated Bear Cookies Supplies:
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Cookie Cutter:

Bear Cookie Cutter from Animal Cookie Cookie Set from Charity

Royal Icing Colors:

  • White 15-Second Royal Icing


How to Make a Fun Simple Decorated Bear Cookies – Video

Here’s a little video for you.


Fun Simple Decorated Bear Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Begin by baking and cutting out the bear-shaped cookies.
  • Let the cookies cool completely before you begin decorating them.

How to Make Fun Decorated Bear Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline the cookies with white royal icing.

How to Make Decorated Bear Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Flood the cookies.

How to Make Cute Decorated Bear Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Simple Decorated Bear Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • While the icing is wet, add the 4mm pearl dragees for the eyes. If you don’t want to use the pearls you can use black icing.

Decorated Bear Cookies with Royal Icing | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Before the white royal icing on the bear cookie dries, add the accent cookie or the royal icing transfer that you want your bear to hold.
  • Gently place the accent cookie on the stomach of the bear and try not to move it around. It can make the bear’s icing look messy. Just place it on the bear and step away.
  • Let the cookies dry completely.

Simple Cute Decorated Bear Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

In case you haven’t heard about the Animal Cookie Cutters for Charity to help raise money for Tender Hands Inc. here is a little info for you. Autumn Carpenter organized this wonderful event and she asked seventeen amazing cookie decorators to design cookie cutters and decorate a few cookies. 100% of the profits go to help the Tender Hands, Inc. charity. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can read about it here.

Check out the decorators and their fun designs:

Arty McGooAutumn Carpenter DesignsThe Bearfoot Baker, Blyss Cookies, ButterWinksChapix CookiesCookie CowgirlCookieCrazieFlour Box Bakery, Funky Cookie StudioThe Hungry HippopotamusLilaLoaMy little bakerySweet SugarbelleThe Cake CottageTunde’s CreationsYou Can Call Me Sweetie

This cutter set contains cutters designed by some of the best cookie designers across the world. Each designer chose an animal, then created a cutter to compile a set of amazing unique cutters. Thank you to the designers who donated their time and artistry, as well as the consumer who purchase this set, so we can give to this wonderful charity.
  • Cookie Cutters are made of high-quality stainless steel and measure 1″ (25 mm) tall.
  • Contains 17 stainless steel unique animal shapes designed by well-known cookie designers.
  • Cutters average 3″ to 4″ (76 to 102 mm).
  • Includes collectible full-color booklet with ideas, basic decorating instructions, cookie designer biographies, and information on the charity.
  • Royal icing recipe included.
  • Handwash them in hot, soapy water.

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