Episode #25 Sweet Dani B Life is Sweet with Dani Fiori

Episode #25 Sweet Dani B Life is Sweet with Dani Fiori

Episode #25 Sweet Dani B Life is Sweet with Dani Fiori | The Bearfoot Baker


Sweet Dani B-Dani Fiori and Martha Stewart Christmas Cookie Show Cookie Jars | The Bearfoot Baker

(Photo Courtesy of The Martha Stewart Show)

What a happy photo with Dani, Martha and the adorable decorated sugar cookies. I love the candy and sprinkles Dani uses to make them. The display with the jars is a very smart way to display holiday cookies, The only problem I have with this display is that everyone will eat the cookies before the holiday arrives. I think I’ll take the snowman and gingerbread man with the tree or Santa and the reindeer. I have an idea, let’s all share all the cookies!

Sweet Dani B Martha Stewart Living 12-09 Santa Deer Tree Snowman | The Bearfoot Baker

(Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living)

Here it is! The Martha Stewart Holiday Cutters is a fun set of cookie cutters. I love how Dani decorated them. Look at that cute little Santa cookie with his friends the deer, snowman, and partridge in a pear tree. This set of cookies is adorable! I love the way Dani decorated them. When you look at each cookie you can tell they’re decorated by Sweet Dani B. The way she adds sprinkles and candy to each cookie is her signature design.

It’s hard to find these cookie cutters but if you want the Santa, Dani has decorated one that’s similar. You can find Santa with Bag Cookie Cutter at Copper Gifts. She also has a Mrs. Clause Cookie Cutter. She has a lot of cookie cutters she’s designed at CopperGifts.com. I purchased her Yeti cutter back in September and I’m looking forward to decorating him soon.

Sweet Dani B Santa Mrs. Clause Cookie Platter | The Bearfoot Baker

There he is! That little Santa Cookie-The One That Started it All for me. I remember watching The Martha Stewart Show and seeing Dani decorate those cute little Santa Cookies with those magic little decorating bottles. I had never seen the decorating bottles and I was amazed. As I watched how Dani added each color of royal icing to the cookie and then added sprinkles I was hooked! Dani and Santa touched my heart and changed my career. Thank you, Dani, for showing me how to decorate cookies and start my own cookie journey. Making cookies is a great way to share happiness and cookie love.


Dani Fiori started Sweet Dani B Cookie Kitchen and Petite Party Studio about 2 years ago. I’ve enjoyed watching her in her shop online and how she teaches adult and kid workshops to show others how to decorate. Dani knows how to share the cookie love to everyone. Looking at the photos you can see the love Dani puts into her cookies and her shop. She’s made it feel warm and welcoming and a place I’d want to visit every day. The only thing stopping me is the shop is in New York and I’m in East Tennessee. Maybe one day I’ll get to visit, decorate, and share a chocolate chip cookie with her.

Oh yeah, did I mention Dani is an Emmy Winner? This girl has serious skills!

Sweet Dani B Ribbon Cutting Keith Dani Fiori | The Bearfoot Baker

Here is Dani with her husband Keith at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Sweet Dani B Cookie Kitchen and Petite Party Studio. In the podcast, Dani mentioned that Keith painted and made things for the shop. He painted “Life is Sweet” on the cafe wall and it’s beautiful. What a sweet couple!

Dani talked about working as a waitress and at Ralph Lauren during the podcast. That must have been super exciting. I’m glad her career changed and brought her into the cookie world. Her cookies are cute and well designed and full of love. She gave me the tips on how to start decorating which led to The Bearfoot Baker Blog, 100 Animal Cookies Book, The Power of a Cookie, and The Cookie Network. Seeing her on The Martha Stewart Show changed my life and I’m very grateful.

Share the Cookie Love with Sweet Dani B.
Here are a few places you can find her and her adorable cookies:

Instagram: SweetDaniB.
Facebook: Sweet Dani B Cookie Kitchen & Petite Party Studio
Sweet Dani B Cookie Expert Bottle Kit and Tools
Sweet Dani B Cookie Gallery
Santa with Bag Cookie Cutter
Dani Fiori’s Cookie Cutters at CopperGifts.com

Thanks, Dani for joining us on The Power of a Cookie. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make next!

Bear hugs,