Fidget Spinner Cookies-How to Make with a Giveaway

How to Make Simple Fun and Cute Fidget Spinner Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

A month ago I didn’t know what a fidget spinner was and now here I am making fidget spinner cookies. I’d love to have a galaxy themed birthday party just so I can make a ton of them for little kiddos that like to fidget. Since I can’t do that. I’m going to giveaway a few Fidget Spinner Cookie Cutters so maybe in our cookie world, we can get a few fidgety cookie smiles!

How To Make Fidget Spinner Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Are you ready for a GIVEAWAY? I have three Fidget Spinner Cookie Cutters I’m ready to giveaway just because I love ya!

Supplies for Fidget Spinner Cookies:
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Royal Icing Colors:
  • White
  • Food Gel Colors of your choice
Cookie Cutters:
  • Black Fondant
  • Corn Starch or Powdered Sugar so the fondant doesn’t stick as you roll and cut it out.
  • Corn Syrup and Vodka to make the fondant shine
  • Paintbrush to brush water on the back of the fondant
  • Paintbrush to paint on the Corn Syrup and Vodka mixture to the fondant to make it shine
Airbrush System:
Airbrush Colors:
  • Airbrush Colors that compliment your Fidget Spinner Cookie Colors- I used purple, blue, and black on this set.

Don’t panic! I know this looks like a lot of supplies because I wanted to list everything I used. I bet you already have most of these items on hand so don’t freak out and think you can’t make these. They are simple and the fondant (you can buy it pre-colored), airbrushing, and the TMP Super Dusts and the perfect finishing touches to make these cookies look like real fidget spinners.

Let’s get started!

How to Make Fun and Simple Fidget Spinner Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Sharon at Truly Mad Plastics has a wonderful Fidget Spinner Cookie Cutter that’s the perfect size for these cookies. Leave a comment below this post to enter for a chance to win one of three fidget cookie cutters.

  • I’m a sucker for reality these days so I really needed to add a few holes to the cutter to make it look more like a real fidget spinner. I had a small cookie cutter that worked so you probably need to look through all those small circle cutters you have to find the right size. Don’t worry. It’s a cookie so it doesn’t have to be exact.
  • See Sweet Sugarbelle’s Donut Cookie Cutter in the first picture? Well, when I shared the How to Make Awesome Pineapple Cookies the other day, I told you to hold on to the center part of the cookie you cut out so you could use them for these cookies. That circle is a perfect size, but you may already have a circle that would make a great center for the spinner. As I said, don’t stress and use what you have on hand.
  • Cut the Fidget Spinner Cookies and leave the cutter on the cut dough. Then use the small cookie cutter to cut the circles. When you leave the fidget spinner cookie cutter on the raw dough, the cookie won’t lose its shape when you cut the circles.
  • Use the donut cutter to cut out the circle you’ll use in the center.
Royal Icing for Dipping the Cookies:

Dipping cookies isn’t the greatest way to get a nice smooth flat surface on a cookie. This part stressed me out a little until I told myself to get over it! Move on! It’s a cookie and if the top isn’t perfectly smooth and flat who cares? It’s a cookie! Once I had a little pep talk with myself it magically became fun. Watching how the icing made the different designs and patterns on the cookies was mesmerizing. I think we all need to learn to “let go” a little more so we have fun instead of worrying about every little thing. (Okay, I’m talking to myself here. It’s me. It’s not you. I promise!)

Anyway, making the icing on the thinner side helped make the dipping process easy. Just think of your base color of royal icing add some food gel color to the top and mix it until you have a nice swirl. You can see how in the video below.

  • Mix the food gel colors on the icing and start dipping the cookies.
  • Dip.
  • Shake.
  • Remove the excess from the sides. It’s that easy and boy oh boy it’s fun!

How to Make Fidget Spinner Cookies That Look Like Real Fidget Spinners | The Bearfoot Baker

  • As you dip the cookies you may need to stir the icing in the bowl or add another bit of food gel color.
  • You can always dip the spoon deeper into the bowl of royal icing so you can pull the white color back to the top. Just be careful and don’t over-mixor you will get a muddy color.
  • Once the cookies are dipped, add the circle to the fidget spinner cookies and let them dry for about an hour.
  • Then airbrush all the edges (cookie and icing) with your favorite airbrush colors. Don’t forget to airbrush the center of the cutout circles.

How to Make Awesome Fidget Spinner Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Are you ready for the really fun part? It’s a bit messy and it’s awesome!

Sharon at TMP has some Super Dust that I’m totally loving. They mix well with vodka and make the perfect shimmering silver and gold. There aren’t any pictures of me splattering the gold dust, but you do it the same as the silver dust.

  • Pour a little Silver Super Dust into a bowl and add a little vodka.
  • Mix.
  • Dip the end of a paintbrush or a new toothbrush into the mixture.
  • Run your finger across the end of the brush to spatter the shiny silver and gold onto the cookies. Instant Galaxy cookies!
  • Let the cookies dry completely before you move on to the next step.

How to Make Fidget Spinner Cookies that Look Real | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Roll out the black fondant.
  • Use the Sugarbelle Donut cookie cutter and the small cookie cutter to make fondant rings to place around the holes in the fidget spinner cookies.
  • Once they are cut out, paint a little water on the back and add them to the cookies.

How to Make Simple Fidget Spinner Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Once the fondant is on the cookies, you can move them around a little until you get them in the right place.
  • Next, mix 1/2 teaspoon of vodka and corn syrup. Paint it on the black fondant to make it shine.
  • Let the cookies dry completely.

Fidget Spinner Cookies Video:

If you like the music on this video you can find it at Pond5 Little Happy Christmas.

How To Make Fun Fidget Spinner Cookies And A Giveaway | The Bearfoot Baker

I did a Google search before I made these cookies and didn’t see any fidget spinner cookies. Let me just say a few weeks have changed everything. These things are all over the web now! It goes to show great minds think alike!

These cookies don’t spin like a real fidget spinner, but if you want to make them spin, check out Haniela’s YouTube Video and she’ll show you how to spin them. Just be careful if you use something that isn’t edible to make them spin. You don’t want anyone to eat the stick.

If you like the planets you can follow the Galaxy Cookie Tutorial by Blyss Cookies and you can find the Blyss Galaxy Stencil at Artfully Designed Creations.


The Fidget Spinner Cookie Cutter winners are:
Jeremy McLaughlin-“Great idea for kids.”
Katie Campbell-“These are awesome. Would love to have these cutters in my lineup.”
Danielle Staszeski-“My kids are obsessed! I was going to try and make these for my son’s birthday’! Yours look amazing!”

I’ve sent you all an email and I can’t wait to send you your Fidget Spinner Cookie Cutter from Truly Mad Plastics!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to be entered for a chance to win one of three fidget spinner cookie cutters from Truly Mad Plastics. Winners will be selected on Friday, June 23, 2017. Open to US residents only.

Have fun spacing out and playing with your fidget spinner cookies!

Bear hugs,