Halloween Marshmallow Pops

Have you ever made Halloween Marshmallow Pops? If not, you should make them today! It is a great little treat that you can make in just a few minutes and the possibilities are endless. Did You Say Halloween Marshmallow Pops | The Bearfoot BakerToday we are going to make some fun faces on our marshmallows. All you have to do is buy a few sprinkles or make your own (DIY Sprinkles) and have some ‘Halloween Marshmallow Pops’ fun!

Supplies for Halloween Marshmallow Pops:

Marshmallows I like the JUMBO Marshmallows or you can make your own with this marshmallow recipe
Candy Melts or Chocolate
Solid Shortening (such as Crisco) to help melt the colors to a beautiful smooth consistency
Candy Eyes
Sprinkles or DIY Sprinkles in Custom Colors (I used toasted coconut and chocolate Jimmies for these little monsters)
Fun Little Halloween Marshmallow Pops | The Beafoot BakerThis little guy looks like some cartoon character but I don’t know who it is. If I remember correctly, he should be yellow. Do you know who it is? It is driving me crazy! LOL

Check out the video to see how simple they are!

How to Make Halloween Marshmallow Pops | The Bearfoot BakerTo make marshmallow pops you need to begin with candy melts and a little bit of Crisco so the chocolate will melt smoothly. Liquid oil will work but the solid shortening seems to work better.
You can microwave the candy for 30 seconds at a time  until it is melted or you can melt it in a glass bowl sitting in a pot over a little bit of boiling water. Just be careful and don’t burn the chocolate or you will have to throw it away and start all over because unfortunately, once the chocolate is burned, you can’t save it.

How to Make Easy Halloween Marshmallow Pops | The Bearfoot BakerDip the end of a stick (if you use a stick from a tree, make sure it isn’t poisonous) in the melted chocolate and stick it in one end of the marshmallow. I like to insert it a little more than half way so it doesn’t fall off later. Set it aside and repeat with the other marshmallows.

Once the chocolate around the stick has dried, begin dipping the marshmallows into the melted chocolate. Use a spoon to help cover the marshmallow completely. Add the eyes and nose and chocolate Jimmies or toasted coconut for the hair. Place it on a plate or stick the stick into a Styrofoam cake board to let it dry.

Halloween Marshmallow Pops | The Bearfoot BakerThese little guys make me laugh. I can’t wait to make more!

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