How to Make Happy Little Hip Hop Cookies for Easter

I can’t believe it’s spring. Trees are starting to grow new leaves, flowers are starting to push through the ground to show us their amazing colors, and Easter is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally ready for carrots, Easter eggs, and cute little bunny tails. Let’s make some Hip Hop cookies to let the Easter bunny know we are ready to see him.

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Before I begin let me tell you a little bit about what has been going on in my area. About two weeks ago Alan was at work and I was working on this set of cookies when I received a phone call. It was a family member telling me about a fire in my area. I was worried but didn’t have a lot of information about it. When Alan got home we started getting some phone calls and we realized the fire was very large and growing leaps and bounds as the massive winds blew it out of control.

We found out that the fire was in Wears Valley (that’s where I live) and it was on Hatcher Mountain which was right down the street from our house. The next thing Alan and I knew is that we were very close to the evacuation line, but at that point in time we were still alright to stay home. I didn’t feel very safe. I wanted to pack all of my cookie cutters and run, but Alan was much more calm thank goodness.

Well, we eventually were evacuated so we went to Knoxville to stay with our son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. We stayed several days and I loved every minute I got to spend with them, but I was concerned about our home. As of now, the fire is 100% contained praise the Lord! The total burned acreage is 2,498, and over 200 structures were affected. 

We are home now and things in our area are getting back to normal as we all get ready for Easter. I had a bunch of cookie designs planned and I’ve made the cookies so you may see them pop up in the middle of July. We can say that I’m late for Easter 2022 or that I’m really early for Easter 2023. Whatever you want to think about it is alright with me because who can resist cute bunny cookies any time of the year?

Now let’s get started with some Hip Hop Cookies!

Supply List:
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Cookie Cutters:

I kind of made my own cookie cutters for this set. It’s simple to do. If you want to make a “HIP” cookie grab a carrot or an egg, H, and P cookie cutters.  If you want them to bake together place them on the baking pan so the raw dough from each shape touches the one next to it before you bake them. As they rise as they bake it will hold them in place next to each other It is kind of like baking glue and it may take a little practice to get them to stick together.

You can use your fingers to press them on the top to help join them before you bake. It’s like you’re pressing the raw dough together before you bake. You can do the same for the HOP. You can use an “O” or a bunny bottom for the O. A cute bunny foot would also be adorable. Just have fun with it!

You can find the HOP cutters here:

Royal Icing Colors:
Gel Colors for Painting:
(Some of them are the same as above but I wanted you to have a list as you gether your paint colors.)

How to Make Happy Little Hip Hop Cookies for Easter:

Enjoy the video!

Let’s begin with a little hip!

Hip, hop, hip hop cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, sugar cookies, royal icing,

  • Once you bake your cookies draw the pattern on them with a food-safe marker. The only thing I needed to outline is the carrot on these cookies.
  • Outline the carrot body with the orange food-gel color and the top with the green food-gel color.
  • Next, outline the H and the P with the pink food-gel color.

Hip, hop, hip hop cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, sugar cookies, royal icing,

Some of you have been asking about those lines on the cookies I pipe before I add the flood royal icing. It’s a good question and I think you’ll like the answer. I can’t remember where I first saw it, but someone piped them to help support the flood icing. Sometimes when you fill an area with flood icing it will sink in the center as it dries. This simple little step will help prevent that from happening.

I like using an outline and flood consistency so I use the thinker outline to pipe them. If you like to use one consistency such as a 10-Second to a 15-Second Consistency you can add those lines when you outline that area. Wait a few minutes and then add the flood. It’s that simple! And It works!

  • Now that your cookie is outlined it’s time to flood the sections. I like to flood the letters first and wait for a few minutes for the flood icing to form a crust on the surface. Then, we can flood the carrot. When you wait a few minutes your royal icing won’t all look like one flat area. The letters and carrots will look separate, nice, and neat. 
  • Repeat for the green on top of the carrot. 
  • You can see how simple it is to paint the letters and carrots if you watch the video. 
  • You can use the pink gel color to make the shadows on the H and P.
  • Use the orange to shadow the carrot body.
  • The green was used to add shadows on the leaves. 
  • Now it’s time to add some stripes to the H and P. Grab a detail brush, take a deep breath, and paint some white stripes with a detail brush! You’ve got this!
Time to HOP to the next cookie!

Hip, hop, hip hop cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, sugar cookies, royal icing,

  • Use the food-safe marker to draw the bunny on the cookie.
  • Outline and flood it with the brown royal icing.
  • Place it in front of a fan to let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Next, outline and flood the H and P with the blue royal icing.

Hip, hop, hip hop cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, sugar cookies, royal icing,

  • Pipe two feet with the brown royal icing. 
  • Add a tail and the paws on the feet with the tan royal icing. Let them dry for a while so you and add the shadows without messing them up.
  • There are several different ways you can do these next steps. I was hoping to add a little shadow to the tan tail and feet so I piped them and let them dry a little before I add the shadows with the food-gel colors. You can add the shadows first and then add pipe the tan or do it however you want. I just have one request. That you do whatever makes you happy!
  • Let the icing dry for a while so you can paint the shadows.
Time to paint:
  • Mix a little blue food-gel color with vodka and paint the edges of the H and P.
  • Add a little brown food-gel color with vodka and paint the bunny. I used the same brown for the brown and the tan royal icing areas so I didn’t have to mix two different colors.
  • Mix a little white food-gel color with vodka ad use the wood end of the brush to make a few dots on the H and P. 

Guess what? You’re all done!

I love a little HIP Hop in my cookies, don’t you!

Hip, hop, hip hop cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, sugar cookies, royal icing,

Thank you for hanging out with me! I’m going to go bake a few cookies for my next tutorial and then dye some Easter eggs. I hope you all have a great Easter and get to spend some time with your family. These are the moments that make life great! Will you do me a favor? Please give your family members a bear hug for me! And tell them Happy Easter!

One more thing! Give a high-five to your local firemen, police officers, teachers, volunteers, and everyone who helps make your community amazing! 

Bear hugs,