Haunted House Cookie Bouquet the Kids Can Make

Do you want to make a cute haunted house cookie bouquet for Halloween? Do you want a project you can make with your kids? Well, no need to look any farther because this project is for you!

Haunted House Cookie Bouquet thebearfootbaker.comI found the cutest ghost cutters this year at Sweet Art Factory and bat cutters at The Dollar General Store and knew they would look great in a haunted house cookie bouquet. After all, a creepy haunted house with bats and ghosts would make a great display for any Halloween dessert table. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and wanted something fun to do with the kids so I made a template. But, why should I have all the fun? You can make one with your kids or let them each make their own following these simple steps.

Supplies for Haunted House Cookie Bouquet:

5 Sheets of Black 12” x 12” Thick Scrapbook Paper
1 Sheet of Yellow Paper- (I had scrapbook paper but, construction paper will work fine.)
Double Sided Tape
A Wooden or Sturdy Box-I used a wooden box I had but, you can find one at a craft store in the unpainted wood isle.
Haunted House Template part 1, part 2
Optional-Fiskers Fingertip Craft Knife (If you chose to use a craft knife for this project, please don’t allow the kids to use it.)

Haunted House Cookie Bouquet via thebearfootbaker.comBegin by printing out the templates by following the links under the supply list.
Then, tape the pattern together and cut it out.
Trace the houses onto the black paper and cut out it out including the windows and doors.
Trace a second house but do not cut out the windows and doors to use as the back.
Cut out yellow paper to cover the windows and doors. Tape them into place.
Then, tape the back of the house on top of the yellow pieces.

Simple Haunted House Bouquet via thebearfootbaker.com

Next, measure the height of the box and cut strips with the remaining black paper that will cover the sides.
Tape the strips together with the double sided tape.
Wrap the finished strip around the box pressing each corner with your fingers to make a nice sharp edge.
Wrap until you get to the end and tape into place.
Tape the house onto the box.

Fill the box with foam and cover with some decorative moss or crinkle paper.
To make the cookies, do a simple outline and flood for each. Add eyes and a mouth to the ghost and let dry overnight.
If you want to know how to bake cookies on a stick. click here.

Haunted House Cookie Bouquet thebearfootbaker.comAdd the ghost and bat cookies and cover the sticks with cute paper straws. Your kids will be so proud of the house they made they will probably want to give one to their teacher.

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